AP College Basketball Rankings are Horrible!

AP College Basketball Rankings are Horrible!

By Wayne Root:

If you've been paying attention to college basketball this week, you've been hearing TV announcers talk about all the "upsets" in the national rankings. But, if you're a sports bettor, you know that a lot of those games weren't upsets. The favored team in the betting markets won!

If sportswriters had to make a living in Las Vegas, they'd be broke within a month. It's ridiculous that guys who consistently do a poor job of ranking teams in all sports are continually allowed to rank teams in all sports! Vegas oddsmakers are better than newspaper writers. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is better than Vegas oddsmakers.

Those of us heavily involved in the markets know who's falsely ranked and who's legitimate. We know NOW what sportswriters won't have figured out until March. What we discover between now and March will have them scratching their heads through the tournaments because teams are always changing and evolving. If you want to know what's REALLY happening in college basketball...don't listen to the media, listen to the top handicappers!

Here's what the media gets wrong. Don't YOU make the same mistakes.

  • The media pays too much attention to won-lost records, and not enough to strength of schedule. There are STILL teams in the current top 25 rankings this week who aren't among the best 40 teams in the country once you've adjusted for who they've played. There were at least two teams last week why may not be in the top 50. Conversely, there are teams who aren't ranked who should be. I can tell you that a few of my cohorts had Miami of Florida in their top 16 before the AP even had them in the top 25. Winning handicappers pay attention to context. They don't just look at won-lost records.

  • The media pays too much attention to who wins close games, and not enough attention to where those games were played. Let's say there's a nailbiter played on a very tough home court. The host holds on to win by a point. Who had the more impressive result? The home team who barely won on a strong home court? Or, the visitor who barely lost in hostile territory? Sportswriters credit the winner. Handicappers know that winner will be overrated in future games, while it's the LOSER who was actually more impressive. Put that losing team on a neutral court or on their home floor, and they're going to impress while cashing some tickets for you.

  • The media pays too much attention to individual stars, and not enough to the full team game. The TV networks are trying to create stars they can market. Newspaper writers are trying to find the easiest hook possible for their lead paragraph. Hey, what wins college basketball games are TEAM DEFENSE and BALL MOVEMENT on offense. You want to back smart coaches who teach those elements, and quality teams who execute them. A big name team with a "player of the year" candidate is going to lose their big games if they're not hustling on defense. Smart handicappers don't fall into the trap of buying the stars the media is selling.

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I'll be back over the weekend to talk some more about the Ravens/49ers showdown in Sunday's Super Bowl. Between now and then, we need to make some money! It's the biggest betting week of the year here in Las Vegas. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside THE KING OF LAS VEGAS WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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