Super Bowl Blowout?

Super Bowl Blowout?

By Wayne Root:

I've already known for several days who I'm going to be releasing to clients in this Sunday's Super Bowl. I'm convinced that we're going to see a cover of at least a touchdown, and possibly TWO touchdowns in the much anticipated battle between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.

Now, I can't tell you here who I'm taking. That information is for my paying customers. But, I will outline the potential scenarios for EITHER team to win and cover surprisingly easily.


  • Colin Kaepernick continues to make plays with his arm and his legs, and the offense continues to crack 7.0 yards-per-play as a result, as they've done in the first two playoff games (7.7 vs. Green Bay, 7.3 vs. Atlanta).

  • The defense forces turnovers from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, setting up easy points.

  • Baltimore goes into desperation mode in the second half, only to implode at the hands of the intimidating San Francisco defense (similar to what happened on the road at Houston several weeks ago, against a defense that's not as good as SF's!). Note that San Francisco has won second halves in the playoffs so far by a combined 35-10 margin.

  • Making use of the fast track indoors in New Orleans to maximize their speed. Remember that the 49ers have played in domes already this season against the Saints, Rams, and Falcons. Baltimore is much less used to this environment.



  • The defense that forced 3 turnovers from Denver, and 3 more from New England wreaks havoc with the relatively inexperienced Kaepernick. This unit has a way of disrupting what opposing offenses are hoping to do. Having two weeks to prepare should give them a few extra wrinkles to come up with too. If you can disrupt Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, you can mess with the minds of anybody!

  • Joe Flacco continues to connect deep downfield with confidence. He's posted huge numbers in less than ideal throwing conditions so far in the playoffs. Now he gets to play indoors with no wind. If Matt Ryan can pass for almost 400 yards (net of 396 in the NFC Championship game for Atlanta indoors against SF), then Flacco will also be in position to make big plays.

  • Emotional intensity. The Ravens know this is the last go-round for Ray Lewis. And, they know that this represents the mountain top for a team that's been in the Super Bowl discussion the past few years. San Francisco is relatively new to the scene...and Kaepernick has to feel that he still has his whole career ahead of him. Baltimore must use their experience and intensity to the fullest to score an easy cover.

So, you see...I've given nothing away by telling you that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT expects to win the Super Bowl easily. BOTH teams have pathways that could lead to blowouts. Only one in my view will be able to pull it off. The only additional hint I'll give you is that...while the media has been talking a lot this week about running backs and quarterbacks...I've been focusing on defensive skill sets to make my final decision.

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