NFL Overdue For Playoff Shockers

NFL Overdue For Playoff Shockers

By Wayne Root:

Not a single underdog won or covered during the NFL's Wildcard Weekend. That's rare in recent history, because those games are often evenly matched. Will we have a second straight weekend without shockers? Or, was that just the calm before the storm that set the stage for a weekend of upsets that will stun the nation?

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I'm not going to point out which dog (if any) I think is best positioned to score an upset this Saturday or Sunday. My clients pay good money for WAYNE ALLYN ROOT'S top plays, particularly his high profile UPSET CALLS. But, I will give you some general ideas for finding the SHOCK THE SYSTEM upsets that are known to happen in the Divisional Round.

  • First, ask yourself which underdogs are peaking at the right time. Exactly one year ago, the New York Giants went into Green Bay as 8-point underdogs, and scored a 37-20 stunner over the Packers. That wasn't just an upset, it was a blowout win that beat the Vegas line by 25 points! The Giants were finally getting healthy late in the season, and put the pieces together just when they needed to. Are there any underdogs this week who remind you of last year's Giants (or the Giants team from a few years earlier that also won the Super Bowl for that matter)?

  • Second, ask yourself who the most overrated favorites are. This is the round historically where pretenders get exposed. It is possible to earn a bye even if you're not really one of the best two teams in your conference. Maybe you kept getting lucky in close games and your luck is about to run out. Maybe you played a very weak schedule, and are about to find out there are no weak opponents in the playoffs. Maybe a decent but not great team spent too much time reading press clippings about themselves instead of truly preparing for the challenge ahead. Such is the stuff that shockers are made of. As I've explained to you often in the want a live dog AND a vulnerable favorite when you make an upset call.

  • Third, focus on the game conditions. Some underdogs are really behind the eight-ball if they have to play outside of their normal comfort zone. You don't want to ask a Southern underdog to win big for you in the snow for example. You don't want to ask a passing underdog to win for you in high winds. You don't want to ask a team with a slow-footed below average defense to win for you in good weather on a fast track. Which underdogs are best suited to their road conditions this week? Which favorites are gaining the least amount of edge from their home field?

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend's NFL action because of the big plays I already know I'll be posting for you here at the website. You can always go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT by purchasing my top releases with your credit card. If you have any questions, or if you want to sign up for long term packages, call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946.

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