#4 Arizona Wildcats Will be Tested at Oregon

#4 Arizona Wildcats Will be Tested at Oregon

By Wayne Root:

The college basketball world will be closely watching Thursday Night's Arizona/Oregon game in college basketball to see if the #4 Wildcats are for real. If they can win on that psychedelic tree shadow court in Eugene, then you can truly take them seriously as a national contender. If not, that will be the latest blemish against what might be an overrated pretender.

Being based in Las Vegas, I consider West Coast basketball my home territory. The Mountain West plays in my backyard with UNLV and Nevada-Reno. The Pac 12 gets a lot of media coverage because of our proximity to Los Angeles. I absolutely OWN these two conferences in particular year after year. I look forward to showing you that again this season.

If you've been ignoring basketball because of all the football on the board the past few weeks, here's what you've missed with Arizona.

  • On 12/15, they rallied from way behind to steal a home win from Florida in a game that had many outsiders questioning the officials. Arizona definitely got some friendly calls. It's unlikely they would have won if this was a neutral court battle. Florida only has two losses this year, and that was one of them.

  • On 12/25 (Christmas Day), they won a holiday tournament by barely getting past San Diego State 68-67 as four-point favorites. San Diego State only has two losses this year, and that was one of them.

  • On 1/3, Arizona returned from their holiday layoff with a very lucky home win over Colorado. They trailed almost the entire game. Once again, friendly officiating helped them rally from behind...then disallowed what had appeared to be a game-winning basket for the visitors. Colorado was a 12-point underdog, and should have won straight up.

  • On 1/5, Arizona was laying a whopping 19-points against lowly Utah (likely the worst team in the Pac 12), yet could only win 60-57. Arizona almost lost to Utah!

There's no shame in playing nailbiters with Florida and San Diego State. But, almost losing home games as pricey favorites to Colorado and Utah is another story. That's why Thursday Night's test at Oregon is so important. And, that's why YOU need to watch the game on ESPN2 so you can make smart decisions in Arizona games from this point forward.

I will definitely have something special for my clients on Thursday's card. You'll have to sign up for service to receive those top plays.

  • Also in the Pac 12: USC at Colorado on ESPN, UCLA at Utah, and Arizona State at Oregon.

  • Also on TV out West: St. Mary's at Gonzaga on ESPN2 in a great rivalry showdown.

  • Also on TV: Michigan State at Iowa on ESPN2 and Miami-Florida at North Carolina on ESPN.

What a great night to get back in the swing of basketball betting in Las Vegas!

My top plays are always available right here at this website. You can sign up for longer term packages by calling my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946. If you have any questions about which of my services is best suited to your individual needs, one of my representatives will be able to help.

I'm the only handicapper who has a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Las Vegas because I'm always a few steps ahead of the oddsmakers. If an oddsmaker ever gets a star, it will naturally be a few steps behind mine! It's tough to beat basketball if you haven't been playing attention. I've been winning since Day One and I'm about to kick things up another notch. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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