Finding a "Game of the Year" in New Year's Bowls

Wayne Root: Finding a "Game of the Year" in New Year's Bowls

You might think that finding BIG PLAYS on the New Year's Day bowl slate is impossible. The oddsmakers know what they're doing. The professional wagerers who bet the openers took away any early value. Now that a few weeks have passed, there's just nothing left for people who have to bet the game day lines.


In fact, the game day lines on New Year's are often among the worst numbers of the season. Why is that?

  • These games are more heavily bet by the public than regular season games, which means more uninformed money is hitting the market. It's not you against the best minds in the market. It's you against America's worst bettors!

  • These games are heavily hyped by the media...and media hype goes hand in hand with dumb public money. Whenever ESPN or the other networks have a bad read on a team, that bad read gets played over and over again until people actually believe that it's true. Networks and viewers can be in for a rude awakening once the games are actually played. I should send a thank you card every year to college football's studio pundits. Their inability to analyze major bowls helps my clients make a fortune.

  • The long lead up time provides a distinct advantage to smart coaches. The Vegas line rarely adjusts for a smart coach that has a clear X's and O's advantage over his opponent. Sometimes this edge is worth as much as a touchdown. Sometimes, it's two touchdowns. And, I could point to games within the last 10 seasons where the full scope of a New Year's Day coaching advantage was worth five touchdowns!

  • The long lead up time also allows for injured or worn down players to get healthy. Oddsmakers and bettors place too much weight on what happened in recent games, and not enough on how healthy or physical a team will be. Remember, you're betting on the players who are healthy and in uniform New Year's Day, not on who was healthy and fresh in late November.

  • The emotions involved in a major New Year's Day Bowl can often be worth many points. You have seniors on the field who want to end their careers on a high note in an important game. They might be matched up against a younger team that doesn't fully respect the moment, or the challenge at hand. I don't need to tell you how much emotion and motivation matter in bowl games. We've already profited from that many times in recent days.

New Year's Day doesn't offer the toughest lines of the year to beat. It offers some of the EASIEST lines of the year to beat if you know how to handicap the X's and O's, the personnel, and the emotions of college football.

And, THAT'S why WAYNE ALLYN ROOT can offer multiple GAME OF THE YEAR releases during the annual bowl extravaganza. I will have SHOCK THE SYSTEM monsters that will stun the public...will stun the media...and will amaze you with their victory margins. I'll be releasing all 6 games, which will include my BOWL GAME OF THE YEAR, CONTRARIAN BOWL GAME OF THE YEAR, and BOWL UNDERDOG OF THE YEAR.

You can purchase this amazing day of action right here at the website with your credit card. We've had a great run recently in the bowls...and I also won my NFL Favorite of the Month and Underdog of the Month selections in the NFL this past Sunday (the Giants and the Lions respectively, as you heard me discuss in the video on the home page).

If you have any questions about New Year's Day, the rest of the bowl slate, all football through the Super Bowl, or my football/basketball combination packages; call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946.

The biggest betting day of the bowls brings some of the softest sports lines you'll see all year. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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