Sports Betting Essentials Part I

Sports Betting Essentials Part 1
The first in a series of articles about sports betting essentials.

As we thank all of you for sure patience during our temporary server outage Monday, we begin a series today on the true essentials of sports betting. We hope you’ll take notes all through this extended series as we outline what it really takes to make money as a bettor in Las Vegas.

Today, we begin with the three M’s…


You must come into this with the right frame of mind. Don’t expect to make a killing right off the bat. Don’t expect to hit 75% or 80% of your picks. Far too many gamblers have gone broke in short order because they went on tilt when early results didn’t match what they had dreamed would happen. You must have realistic expectations. You must be in it for the long haul rather than a quick hit. You’ve heard the phrase “when cooler heads prevail?” Cooler heads prevail in sports gambling!


You must come into this with an adequate bankroll. You have to be able to weather the inevitable ups and downs that come during the course of a season. You must have deep enough pockets to really step in when a big edge presents itself. You have to have enough in the bankroll the horrible luck that can come when that big edge gets spiked by an injury or poor officiating. You’ve heard many casino operators explain that they make extra profits because bettors bust out during their bad streaks and therefore, aren’t around for the bounce back. What’s true in blackjack, roulette, or craps is also true in sports betting. Avoid the risk of ruin!


You must come into this with enthusiasm and energy, because edges present themselves seven days a week. If you’re a half-hearted sports bettor, you’ll be a broken-hearted sports bettor in short order! It can be tricky to find the right balance between “a cool head” and “highly motivated.” Have enthusiasm for your game research and line shopping, then stay cool when the games are being played. There are no free lunches. You must be motivated to bring your “A game” every single day.

We’ll discuss more essentials in the coming days in this extended series. But, frankly, if you don’t follow these first three…the rest don’t matter! Have reasonable expectations about the next week, the next month, and the net year; a bankroll that handles the fluctuations that will inevitably come; and a warrior mindset for your daily battles with Vegas oddsmakers. Even if you’re a football only bettor, the upcoming bowls will soon bring you daily battles!

Perhaps the most important essential for sports bettors is seeing what Jim Hurley's Network has on tap every game day! Check out Jim Hurley full Lineup of Football and Basketball programs. Among the marquee games on the schedule tonight are Oklahoma City/Brooklyn and LA Lakers/Houston in the NBA, plus Texas/Georgetown and NC State/Connecticut from Madison Square Garden in college basketball on ESPN.

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