NFL Playoff Non-Races

NFL Playoff Non-Races

By Wayne Root:

The nature of the playoff picture this year in the NFL could create some big upsets over the final month of the regular season. Sports bettors should keep their eyes on several teams who have comfortable leads now in their divisions. Many are likely to fall flat at least once or twice down the stretch as medium or big favorites.

Here's a list of current division leaders who have comfortable margins in their divisions heading into the first Sunday of December.

  • NEW ENGLAND has a three-game lead in the AFC East. They're 8-3 and nobody else is even over .500! New England can put the division out of reach with a win Sunday over Miami But, they're already so far ahead of the Dolphins that they might lack a sense of urgency.

  • BALTIMORE has a three-game lead in the AFC North. Same story here. Baltimore is a heavy favorite this week vs. the #2 team in their division Pittsburgh. Will they go for the jugular this week then play flat afterward? Will this 9-2 team already be flat knowing they just beat the Steelers two weeks ago.

  • HOUSTON has a three-game lead in the AFC South. This 10-1 team has already shown some signs of defensive complacency the last two weeks vs. Jacksonville and Detroit. Will the Texans go at three-quarter speed in December to save themselves for the playoffs?

  • DENVER has a four-game lead in the AFC West. There's no divisional drama anywhere in the whole AFC! The Broncos are 8-3, and can coast to a playoff spot with an understanding that they're a longshot to earn a first round bye because of heads-up losses to Houston and New England.

Seriously, do you expect peak intensity from those four teams in EACH of their next five games? Flat spots are virtually certain...yet Vegas oddsmakers must price each of those four as league superpowers.

Moving to the NFC.

  • The NY GIANTS have a two-game lead in the NFC East even though they haven't been playing consistently well. They did look great last Sunday Night when they moved to 7-4 with a win over Green Bay.

  • ATLANTA has a lead of 4.5 games in the NFC South after beating New Orleans this past Thursday Night. The rest of the season is a mere technicality for a 10-1 team that's well positioned to earn the #1 seed in the conference.

  • SAN FRANCISCO has a lead of 2.5 games in the NFC West because of their tie vs. St. Louis. The 8-2-1 Niners can avenge that this Sunday and solidify what already seems like a done deal. Jim Harbaugh's team will then focus on cinching the #2 seed in a race with 8-3 Chicago.

That Chicago Bears team is the only division leader without at least a two-game lead. They're up one in the NFC North over Green Bay, two over Minnesota.

Mark my words today. There will be upsets SOON for many of those division-leaders. Possibly multiple upsets for a few of the teams individually. They will be focused on January because that's when it's time to play at a peak. Smart handicappers and sports bettors should place a top priority on finding upset spots this Sunday and through the rest of December.

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Some SHOCK THE SYSTEM upsets are on the way in the NFL. That's a 100% certainty....meaning it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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