Clemson Using ESPN to Get Back on Radar

Handicapping News: Clemson Using ESPN to Get Back on Radar

When the Clemson Tigers lost a few weeks ago to the Florida State Seminoles, they basically fell off the radar for the BCS rankings and national respect. Everybody remembered the bad Orange Bowl loss to West Virginia. Falling to Florida State seemed to confirm that Clemson just didn't matter any more.


  • Clemson is undefeated since then, including a 38-17 blowout win this past Saturday over Virginia Tech.

  • Clemson is favored to keep winning until their regular season finale against state rival South Carolina.

  • Clemson has TV games each of the next two weeks...Thursday Night vs. Wake Forest on ESPN, then again next Saturday Night against a Duke team that has become a media darling because they have a shot to go from worst to first in its Coastal division of the ACC. Big TV wins and a 10-1 record heading into South Carolina would certainly grab some attention.

  • Clemson still has an outside chance to win the Atlantic Division of the ACC if Florida State stubs its toe a second time after already being stunned by NC State.

You haven't heard the last from Clemson!

Here are the ACC standings heading into this weekend's action...

Florida State 4-1
Clemson 3-1
NC State 2-1
Maryland 2-1
Wake Forest 2-3
Boston College 0-4

Note that FSU holds a tie-breaker edge over Clemson should they both finish with one conference loss because of their head-to-head victory in Tallahassee. It's a down year in the ACC, so both FSU and Clemson will be favored to win the rest of their conference games. Of course, FSU was a decisive favorite at NC State and still lost!

Duke 3-1
Miami 3-2
North Carolina 2-2
Virginia Tech 2-2
Georgia Tech 2-3
Virginia 0-4

Duke is already bowl eligible, which has many in the media swooning over their improved play and the coaching job of David Cutcliffe.'s fun rooting for an underdog...and last week's win over North Carolina was solid statistically. Let's see what happens when Duke plays Florida State (this week) and Clemson (next week) before going overboard! Duke's loss in the ACC was a bad blowout to Virginia Tech...and this hasn't been a big year for Virginia Tech. Most of Duke's wins have come against a VERY weak schedule. The media should be pointing that out instead of hoping nobody notices.

Clemson (-13) at Wake Forest (tonight)
Duke at Florida State (-27)
Maryland at Boston College (-1)
NC State at North Carolina (-7.5)
BYU at Georgia Tech (-2.5) (non-conference)

Virginia Tech and Miami are both off as they get ready for a TV showdown next Thursday Night.

Sports betting aficionados dealing with Thursday's Clemson/Wake Forest game will be most focused on Clemson's preparation and motivation. It's obvious they're the more talented team, or they wouldn't be laying double digits on the ROAD in a game like this. Remember that:

  • Clemson had a midseason fade last year that is common for teams who play fast break football. The hurried pace wears them out as November starts to loom on the calendar. In fact, their 2011 swoon (falling from 8-0 to a 9-3) started on exactly this weekend.

  • Wake Forest enters the game 4-3, and knows it can make a run at bowl eligibility with an upset here. Boston College, one of the worst teams in the conference and the nation is up next on the schedule. This certainly isn't a Wake Forest team that is in the doldrums emotionally. Home crowds show up for TV games...and stick around for the full 60 minutes if its close!

  • Wake Forest played a field goal game at Clemson last year when everyone thought they'd get drilled.

There are few sure things in college football!


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