Jets In Trouble Without Revis

Wayne Root: Jets In Trouble Without Revis

The New York Jets enter Sunday's battle with the San Francisco 49ers knowing that they'll be forced to qualify for the playoffs without the best player on their team. Cornerback Darrelle Revis tore an ACL last Sunday in Miami, and is a longshot to return to action even were the Jets to make an unexpected run to the Super Bowl.

Head coach Rex Ryan says he won't put Revis on the injured/reserved list just in case there's a chance for a return when the league championship is on the line. But, let's face it...Ryan thinks his team is going to the Super Bowl every year...but they couldn't make it even when Revis was healthy!

I'm a native New Yorker (born as a true S.O.B...son of a butcher!) in Mt. Vernon, NY. I follow this team very closely as you regulars know. Let me tell you...this is not a playoff caliber team right now, let alone one that should be thinking about the Super Bowl.

Yes, the Jets are 2-1 in the standings, which is tied for first place in the AFC East with Buffalo. And, yes...the Jets beat Buffalo! If the season ended today, the Jets would be AFC East champs. But there should be no illusion that New York is better than New England...the true class of this division even if the Pats have been a disappointment so far. And, there should be no thought that Mark Sanchez is a championship caliber quarterback. He's struggled badly with his accuracy the last two weeks (a woeful 10 of 27 in Pittsburgh, 21 of 45 with 2 interceptions in Miami).

New York was dominated in Pittsburgh...a team that's 0-2 when not facing the Jets this year. New York was very lucky to survive Miami in overtime last week. If the Dolphins weren't using a rookie quarterback, the Jets would have lost that game. Note that one of New York's touchdowns came on a pick six by the defense.

Tim Tebow? No signs of life yet for any creative use of the new backup quarterback. I talked about the possibility that the Jets were playing opossum in the Preseason when things were going so badly. Well, you don't play opossum in a road divisional game once the season starts. If Tebow was going to be a catalyst of any import, it would have started last week in Miami.

The Jets aren't going to be as bad as they looked during their dismal Preseason catastrophe. But, their season opening blowout of Buffalo was more illusion that reality. Once teams realized they had to take the Jets seriously, they were able to impose their will. Do you think San Francisco is afraid of playing the Jets? They had a brain fart last week in Minnesota in a letdown spot after wins over Green Bay and Detroit. The 49ers sure don't want to fall to 2-2. And their defense isn't missing its best player.

I'll be watching this game very closely because I consider games in New York as my specialty even if I've lived in Vegas for a few decades now. I still have close, trusted contacts back East who give me any meaningful scoops. I can tell you that the team was hit hard emotionally be the loss of Revis. Maybe that will inspire an inspired performance from the defense that will lead to an Under play on the total. Maybe the team will lose their swagger and get steamrolled, which is basically what happened during the last three quarters of the Pittsburgh game. Be sure you check the home page of this website before kickoff of the early games to see if I'm posting something special in 49ers/Jets.

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