Element of Surprise Gone for Jets

Element of Surprise Gone for Jets

By Wayne Root:

Last week I warned you that the NY Jets might be playing opossum heading into their season opener against the Buffalo Bills. Well, the Bills, along with most of America, were caught by surprise when the Jets stormed to a 48-28 victory. This week's opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers, now knows that the Jets aren't going to be any sort of creampuff that just rolls over and takes a beating..

Can Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and the Jets move to 2-0 with a big win in the showcase TV game in the late-day TV window? Or, was last week a bit of a fluke, and now all the naysayers will be proved right about the pending end of the Rex Ryan era in Gotham?

As you regulars know, I follow the New York teams very closely because I grew up there. I was a true SOB (son of a butcher!) born in Mt. Vernon, NY I've lived in Vegas for many years now, but I still handicap all the New York teams from a hometown perspective. Watching the Jets play the Bills last week, I noticed the following potential negatives:

  • The Jets offense was greatly helped by field position breaks. New York only had one long TD drive all day. The team scored two touchdowns on returns (one punt, one interception), and had several other short drives set up by four Buffalo turnovers. Don't get the idea that the Jets are suddenly "explosive." They were overdue to get some points on the board and they all came in a rush.

  • The Jets defense was very soft against the run. You wouldn't expect from a Rex Ryan defense. But, New York allowed almost 200 yards on the ground in a game they were winning handily. You don't see that often. They also let the Bills convert two-thirds of their third down tries. This was a disappointing effort in my view on that side of the ball. Pittsburgh is more dangerous than Buffalo in the trenches, and may be able to exploit that Sunday afternoon.

  • The Jets didn't really do much with Tebow in the Wildcat formation. He earned 11 yards on five carries, which is barely worth the effort. Defenses are familiar enough with variations of the Wildcat that you just can't run Tebow onto the field and figure it will all work out. Maybe they were holding back since the game was going so well already. But, the early returns for any sort of "secret weapon" weren't very good.

I know you may think this is nitpicking about a team that won a blowout. Well, that's what handicapping is! Reversals from one week to the next are so common in the NFL that you should make them a regular part of your process. In my opinion, several Vegas pointspreads have significantly overreacted to last week's results. Many teams aren't nearly as good as they looked last week. Many aren't nearly as bad. Picking winners in Week Two especially is all about separating reality from illusion on the field. We have a lot of magic shows out here in Las Vegas. I know an illusion when I see one.

Am I saying the Jets were an illusion last week? Or, was the Preseason an illusion and this is now a serious playoff contender? Well, I can't tip my hand in a web article. Maybe I'm playing Jets/Steelers for my clients Sunday and maybe I'm not. I can tell you that my top Sunday plays are directly tied to market misreads of Week One action. And, I'm VERY confident that I have the right sides of these games.

You can purchase my top releases every day right here at this website. Visit any time before kickoff of the early games to make sure you get full value. You get the biggest value of course by signing up for the full season in advance. If you have any questions my programs and packages, call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946. I hope you'll about baseball when you call. We have great pennant race action coming up in the next two weeks leading into what's shaping up as one of the most exciting postseasons of all time.

I can assure you now that all the studio pundits and blowhard columnists are going to be scratching their heads all day Sunday as the NFL scores come in. There were six outright upsets in the first week of NFL action. I'm confident there will be that many MAJOR surprises on the card today...though they may involve massive blowouts rather than pure upsets. This happens every year. I've watched it every year on my home theatre in "The House that Winners Built!"

You don't want to go it alone this week. Your opinions are probably based too much on what happened last week. Be on the right side of the line!  It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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