NFL Mock Draft - Who's Making Money in MLB?



How did the NFL Draft become so interesting that every TV, radio, sports magazine, web site, and Fantasy Sports guru in the USA have been writing, commentating and projecting about it for the past month? Wouldn't it be great if the Colts started it off by not taking Andrew Luck, and then the Jets traded Tim Tebow to Jacksonville involving 3 teams, and then the mad shuffle began? Well don't expect those kind of fireworks...the Colts safe picking Luck first...and the Jets want Tebow to star on Broadway...but remember this is the 15 minutes of fame for all the NFL General Managers so maybe this will be a Draft for the record books.

The interesting picks will be in the second round, as that is where the running backs have been relegated in this era of the pass. And QB's and more defensive players will fill out those rosters in later rounds too. And history says there will be at least one yet-to-be-found future Hall of Famer picked in rounds 3 thru 6. So sit back and use this as your scorecard...and smile as you realize that the 2012 NFL Pre Season begins in about 90 days...and this year there is no threat of a work stoppage! It's full steam ahead for NFL 2012.

Colts Andrew Luck QB
Redskins Robert Griffin III QB
Vikings Matt Kalil OT
Browns Trent Richardson RB
Bucs Morris Claibourne CB
Rams Justin Blackmon WR
Jaguars Melvin Ingram DE
Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB
Panthers Fletcher Cox DT
Bills Riley Reiff OT
Chiefs Luke Kuechly ILB
Seahawks Quinton Coples DE
Cardinals Mike Adams OT
Cowboys Mark Barron SS
Eagles Dontari Poe DT
Jets Nick Perry DE
Bengals Michael Floyd WR
Chargers Cordy Glenn T
Bears Whitney Mercilus DE
Titans Stephon Gilmore CB
Bengals Dre Kirkpatrick CB
Browns Kendall Wright WR
Lions Andre Branch DE
Steelers Dont"a Hightower ILB
Broncos Jerel Worthy DT
Texans- Rueben Randle WR
Patriots Michael Brockers DT
Packers Shea McClellin DE
Ravens Peter Konz C
49er's Stephen Hill WR
Patriots Harrison Smith FS
Giants Coby Fleener TE


Who's Making Money in MLB?

By Wayne Root:

The most obvious answer to that is WAYNE ALLYN ROOT! I'm always making money for my clients. But, as you prepare for another night of Major League Baseball action, highlighted by the New York Yankees at the Texas Rangers on ESPN, you should be aware of who the best profit teams in the sport have been heading into this week.

In fact, we can start right there with that game. The Texas Rangers have currently earned the biggest profit this year against Las Vegas numbers with an edge of about 8.5 units...give or take some fractions depending on your vigorish. The Rangers are 13-3 in the standings. They can be pricey favorites sometimes...but that doesn't matter if they keep winning at that intense pace!

If Texas stays healthy, they have a great chance to be the biggest money-winners for the full season in my view. This roster is loaded, and the pitching staff is much better than people realize. We're not just talking 100 wins...maybe even 105 wins or better. Keep an eye on market prices and bet for value whenever you can with this team.

Second best in the majors heading into Monday Night is a big surprise based on preseason projections. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who were supposed to be a year away from becoming a big factor, are sitting at +8 betting units with a 12-4 record. They've cooled off a bit after a red hot start. I don't believe they have the same chance as the Rangers of maintaining a championship level of performance. They can surely offer value though because this is a team that got tired of losing and tired of dealing with their ownership soap opera.

I'm not ready to fade the Dodgers yet with a"regression to the mean" strategy. I'll be picking my spots with them for value. If I sense the mojo drifting away, I will then start fading them on a semi-regular basis.

The third best team so far against the market prices is the Washington Nationals. This is also a big surprise. But, April is known for spitting out surprise teams in this sport. I like this starting rotation, particularly because Vegas has taken so long to notice anybody besides Strasburg. Will there be enough offense to unseat the Philadelphia Phillies over 162 games? The NL East is a very interesting division this year, and I'm currently optimistic that the Nationals can be a factor deep into the season.

Other moneymakers of note:
St. Louis +5.5 units
Baltimore +4.5 units
Detroit +3.5 units
NY Mets +3.5 units
Chicago White Sox +3 units

It's great to see enthusiasm with those teams, particularly poor Baltimore, who never has a chance to compete in their brutal division. St. Louis has been a team on a mission (with a manager on a mission) as guys who have been overlooked by the media in the past want to make a statement. Detroit may have found some pitchers beyond Justin Verlander who can get the job done. That could make the AL Central a cakewalk when their schedule gets easier in this unbalanced format.

Of course, the key to making money as a baseball bettor is knowing who's ABOUT to make money. I'm not going to talk much about that in terms of team specifics because I have to protect my strategies and information for my clients. I've told you many times that I'm the only handicapper with a star on the Vegas"Walk of Fame." If an oddsmaker ever gets one...his will be a few steps behind mine because oddsmakers are always a few steps behind WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

I can make these suggestions:

  • Study the upcoming schedules to see who has the toughest travel burdens and who gets to stay home for an extended period.

  • Study pitch counts on a nightly basis so you can know which pitchers are in form, and which may be due to have a bad start or two because of overuse.

  • Study the bullpen innings so you can know which relief staffs are sharing the burden, and which are piling up innings because their starters aren't doing enough.

  • Study early day market moves so you can get a read on professional wagerers are thinking. If a line move surprises you, we probably know something you don't.

The easiest way to make big money is to leave the handicapping to me! You can purchase my top plays every day here at the website in both baseball and basketball. Or, call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946 for information on which of my personal services best suits your individual needs. Remember that the NBA playoffs get started this weekend.

Baseball has been a blast out of the gate, and the winning is just beginning! The"second season" of the NBA will present daily BIG MONEY opportunities because I know how to handicap playoff basketball better than any man in the industry.

Who's making money in MLB? It's going to be YOU if you go to W.A.R alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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