Betting Yankees Games

Betting Yankees Games

By Wayne Root:

Get ready to see a lot of the New York Yankees on TV in the coming days. The showcase team in the sport of Major League Baseball will host Sunday Night's prime time game on ESPN against the Los Angeles Angels. ESPN stays in the Bronx for a Monday Night game against the Minnesota Twins. Next weekend, the Yankees and Red Sox will get wall-to-wall coverage on a variety of channels. Oh, the day after the Red Sox series the Yankees play the defending AL champion Texas Rangers in a Monday Night TV game.

If you're going to be watching a lot of the Yankees, you'll to want to WIN while you watch. I know how it is. You either love the Yanks and want to bet on them...or you hate them and want to bet against them. That's the nature of New York and New Yorkers! I know all about that. I grew up in New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!).

Getting it right with the Yankees can be very tough. They're always expensive, so the general "smart" approach for Las Vegas bettors is to go against them. But, there are definitely spots that come up where the Yankees are likely to be so dominant that it's either "Yankees or pass" on the game. I've been watching this team very closely out of the gate this season because the Yanks are ALWAYS a big story with the media and in Las Vegas. Here are some guidelines:

  • First, be aware that the Yankees are overdue to start hitting. There are a lot of veterans on this team...and veterans sometimes start slowly because of cooler weather, or because it just takes them longer to round into regular season form. Only Derek Jeter is hitting well so far, .361 heading into tonight's game. Alex Rodriguez is down at .226. Mark Texeira and Curtis Granderson are both hitting .188. Keep an eye on this in the coming days. Yankees and/or Overs will make more sense soon than they have in the early stages.

  • If you're a Yankees fan, don't lay any big prices on C.C. Sabathia until he finds some form. His ERA is 6.75 through two starts, with several opposing hitters making great contact against him. If you're a Yankee hater, this is where you want to consider taking shots with opposing dogs. Sabathia on the Yankees is always priced like he's won 10-straight Cy Young awards.

  • The most vulnerable Yankees pitcher right now is Phil Hughes. He's allowed 3 home runs in eight innings of work. He's not pitching with confidence. And, pitchers like this often have trouble in pressure-cooker situations. I personally will be looking to fade Hughes, particularly with quality teams. I'll also think about Overs in those games.

  • Hiroki Kuroda is an interesting case. I saw a lot of him out here in Vegas when he pitched for the Dodgers. Vegas is a virtual suburb of Los Angeles in terms of sports coverage. We see ALL the games for EVERY team on big screen TV's in the sportsbooks of course...but we have more media access to the LA teams. Kuroda was well suited to thrive in Dodger Stadium against the weaker National League. I'm skeptical he'll have great numbers with the Yankees. But, you can't argue with his home debut! Great performance against the Angels Friday Night, after not looking as good against Tampa Bay. Generally, I'll be looking to fade Kuroda at high prices. But, I'll stay open-minded given that gem vs. the Angels.

  • Ivan Nova is pitching tonight, so I don't want to talk too much about him. I have to protect my opinions for my clients just in case I'm posting a selection in that game. We can talk about Nova sometime down the road.

  • Freddie Garcia is the final rotation starter. He shocked the world last year after a special offseason medical treatment revitalized his career. Can he do that again? Well, throwing FIVE WILD PITCHES vs. Baltimore the other night sure casts some doubts on that! I'll be looking to fade Garcia at high prices, or against quality opposing offenses at any price.

A 4-4 start with ugly stats for key individuals sure makes 2012 look shaky for the Yankees. I have to admit that this could be a surprisingly BAD season for the team if Hughes and Garcia don't come around, and Kuroda struggles in his transition. On the other hand, everyone was expecting doom and gloom last year for the starting rotation and the Yanks still won the tough AL East.

For now, you should only consider Las Vegas bets on the Yanks in situations where they have a starting pitcher in good form AND the hitting is likely to produce. It's better in terms of value to look for spots to fade them at high prices. When the weather warms up, Overs may be a steal on the totals in games that Hughes, Garcia, and possibly Kuroda are starting.

Again, you'll be seeing a lot of the Yankees on TV over the next week or so. I'll be doing my best to get you strong plays in those games when merited. My best plays from the entire baseball and basketball boards go up daily right here at this website a few hours before first pitch. If you have any questions about my programs, call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946. We'll be able to put together a program that perfectly meets your individual needs.

Love 'em or hate 'em, you're going to be watching a lot of Yankees games this year. Make big money while you watch by going to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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