2-1 Thursday, Now a Game of the Year!

2-1 Thursday, Now a Game of the Year!

By Wayne Allyn Root:

I want to make sure everyone's aware that my Sweet 16 Game of the Year is going Friday Night in the NCAA tournament. We went 2-1 last night as I faded the Big East in all three of my big plays. Tonight, the biggest play of this round is on tap...and you won't be able to guess who it is because the Big East isn't playing!

I told you before the season started that I would be paying very close attention to the Mountain West and Big East conferences because of my lifetime roots in those leagues. I grew up in New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). But, I've lived out here in Vegas now for decades, where the Mountain West is our local conference thanks to UNLV.

The Mountain West turned out to be a big disappointment. But, my assessment that the Big East was going to have some trouble covering spreads Thursday Night turned out to be right on the money. I won for my clients by fading Syracuse in a game they easily could have lost to Wisconsin...and Cincinnati in a game they lost twice to Ohio State. My play on Michigan State didn't get there. The Spartans just couldn't figure out a way to score on that tough Louisville defense. I thought Tom Izzo had enough preparation time to solve that riddle. I would have preferred 3-0, but 2-1 will make you a lot of money here in the gambling capital of the world!

Tonight we have four more Sweet 16 games on tap. And my SWEET 16 GAME OF THE YEAR is the highlight of the bunch. Here are the possibilities:

Xavier vs. Baylor
Indiana vs. Kentucky
Ohio vs. North Carolina
NC State vs. Kansas

There are possible Cinderella's and blowouts in the mix there, so I'm really not concerned that you'll guess right about my play. I'm THE KING OF UPSETS because I've had so many great upset calls over the years. And, Wisconsin almost got there last night in another dog cover. Obviously it wouldn't be unexpected for WAYNE ALLYN ROOT to make a bold call on somebody like Xavier, Indiana, NC State, or even Ohio given North Carolina's injury situation.

But, I'm also THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I can see a blowout coming from a mile away. That's why we were on Ohio State over outmanned Cincinnati last night. Any of those listed favorites has the talent to post a big margin this evening.

You'll have to purchase my Friday package online to find out who the big one is. You can do that right here at this website by making a few clicks and having your credit card handy. Or, call my office at 1-877-766-8946. This is a great time to talk with one of my representatives about the rest of basketball. In the coming days I'll have:

The Elite Eight
My Elite Eight Game of the Year
The NIT's Final Four and Championship (with at least one GOY)
The Final Four, featuring my Final Four GOY
The National Championship Game
The NBA's stretch run (really heating up with recent trades)
The NBA playoffs

Oh, the start of baseball is just around the corner too. What you earn tonight could pay for the rest of basketball. What you earn this weekend could pay for months of service. Please consider taking some time today to lock yourself into the best value in the industry.

I'm the only handicapper with a star on the "Walk of Fame" here in Las Vegas. This is the most important betting month of the year in town because the thrills of March Madness last a few weeks rather than just one big weekend like on the NFL's Super Bowl. Let me tell you, you don't receive honors in this town unless you PRODUCE! I've done that since moving here many years ago, particularly in the crucial month of March. And, if an oddsmaker ever gets a star on the "Walk of Fame," his will be a few steps behind mind. I'm always a few steps ahead of the oddsmakers!

When I make an announcement about a GAME OF THE YEAR release, it means I'm so far ahead of the oddsmakers in a game I can't even see them in my rearview mirror.

Let's go make some money. Go to W.A.R. tonight alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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