Handicapping Championship Games

Handicapping Championship Games


We've reached what is probably my favorite 24-hour period in college basketball. Saturday Night and Sunday afternoon, about a dozen conferences are going to have their tournament championship games. Think about it...CHAMPIONSHIP games. Yes, the NCAA Tournament has a lot more drama as it builds to one big championship game. But, only two teams get the thrill of playing for a championship. Only one team gets to cut down the nets.

Saturday Night and Sunday afternoon, players of all shapes and sizes get to participate in a dream scenario. They're playing in front of a big crowd, and a big TV audience, for the right to call themselves champions. Colorado can be a champion in its first year in the Pac 12. Cal Santa Barbara can be a champion. Players for Ohio and Akron will go to war in Cleveland for the biggest prize of their lives.

I absolutely LOVE handicapping championship games because so many intangibles are in place. Oddsmakers tend to focus on the tangibles, posting a line that reflects the perceived talent difference between the two teams involved. But, what wins championship games? Sure, talent is a factor. Look at all the talented teams who didn't even qualify for their tournament championships! Syracuse and Kansas lost Friday in semifinal action. Top seeded Temple of the Atlantic 10, a popular media darkhorse for next week, didn't even survive the quarterfinals of its event. The only Dance-bound team that was enjoying home court advantage in a tournament, UNLV, lost in the semifinals to New Mexico.

Here's what matters more when championships are on the line:

Energy (who still has gas in the tank?)

The betting favorites in Las Vegas aren't always the true favorites once all the real factors are taken into account. And, sometimes the betting line is actually way too low because the favorite has even more edges than meet the eye. A lot of the lines Saturday Night are in the 3-4 range. You know what that represents? Oddsmakers posting a generic number and hoping for the best!

Well, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is THE BEST, and I'm the last guy oddsmakers want to see in the month of March! I have something special planned for Saturday Night action (remember that two games are being played in Las Vegas, and one in New York...right up my alley!), and I can already tell you that I'll be stepping out in a big way Sunday when those final four championships are showcased on national television. I'm not going to talk specifics any more than I have in terms of hints. I must protect the information for my paying clients. It goes against my nature, but I want to be as quiet as possible when big money is at stake!

I will tell you this...I've been asking myself THESE questions when analyzing every game:

  • Which survivor has had to expend the most energy to reach the championship game? Do they have the depth to keep it going one more time?

  • Which survivor has been hot from long range? That's the most fickle of stats. Asking for three-point shooting to stay hot is typically a recipe for disaster.

  • Which survivor has really come together at the right time in terms of teamwork and enthusiasm? There's something about tournaments that brings out the best in some borderline teams. They gain confidence and trust just when it's needed most. Who has an "us against the world" mentality at this very minute?

  • Which survivor is in danger of thinking ahead to next week? Sure, winning a conference tournament is nice. You've already seen this week that national powers may not have the juices flowing as much as they should. Are there any powers who had easy paths to the finals who are just now in store for a surprise?

Answer those questions correctly, and you'll find some great spots tonight. If you don't trust yourself to find the answers...link up with THE KING OF LAS VEGAS during one of the biggest sports betting weekends of the calendar year!

You can purchase my top releases Saturday (Tournament Game of Year) and Sunday right here at the website with your credit card. You can also sign up for the rest of basketball at a great rate by calling 1-877-766-8946. Remember that the NIT and even the Big Dance start early next week (Tuesday and Wednesday play-in games in the NCAA's), which means you need to take care of business NOW.

MARCH MADNESS is upon us...which means it's time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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