Where Will Robert Griffin III End Up?



RGIII....or Robert Griffin lll of Baylor is going to make the next few weeks interesting for at least three NFL teams. This years 2011 Heisman Trophy winner may be one of the few Heisman winners with the potential to actually have a long NFL career. Let's see where the road to the NFL may lay for RGlll.

The three teams that realistically have a chance to land RGIII (and the means to trade up for his services) are: Cleveland at #4, Washington at #6 and Miami at #8. The St Louis Rams hold the magical #2 lotto ticket. It is assumed by everyone that the #1 lotto draft ticket holder, the Indianapolis Colts, will take Andrew Luck of Stanford- therefore leaving the Rams in control of Mr. Griffin's destiny.

The Cleveland Browns have Colt McCoy at the helm and as a former third round pick they are not locked into first round monies with McCoy. This year, they also have a #22 pick in the first round, so they could offer the Rams two (2) first round selections and a 2nd and 3rd round pick in the next two years. But what will this do for the Browns? Would it be worth laying out the franchise to Griffin for the next decade? Colt McCoy is adequate, but so far does not bring enough electricity to "the Dowg Pound."

On the other hand, keeping McCoy and using those 2 first round picks, seem to make sense for the good of the club. And there will be another QB coming up the ranks in the next few years if that experiment fails. But, the Cleveland has had nothing to cheer about for so long that the fans are rooting for something...anything to lead them to a state of relevance. He would take the city of Cleveland by storm and add loads of much needed excitement. Of course it doesn't take much to excite a city whose highlight is a river catching on fire!

The Washington Redskins need a Quarterback NOW to go with a very good defense and the ego of Mr. Dan Snyder. And Mr. Snyder would more likely have the added cash and future draft picks to take care of getting RGIII's services. There is talk that they might even go in for the "quick fix" and throw Peyton Manning a 3-year deal. But Coach Shanahan and his son would have to re-vamp and re-tool their entire offense as Manning is his own coordinator and wants things exactly his way. And Papa Manning may throw in the family veto, as he would not tolerate his sons playing in the same conference, let alone the same division.

The Miami Dolphins are the most likely place where RGlll would find a perfect fit. The Dolphins first must decide if they want the Peyton Manning band-aide fix, or do they want to take a chance much like Carolina did with Cam Newton. They have a running back and wide receiver that will help either Manning or Griffin. Their present QB, Moore would work out well while RGlll is getting to know the system. But the fly in the ointment is that laying out Miami's #8 draft pick will be just the tip of the iceberg for what the Rams will be asking. The Dolphins could be paying for RGlll for years to come.

But what I love about the NFL is that every month produces a new soap opera drama- a veritable "Peyton's Place." Which is perfect, because it gives my thousands of clients something to do while waiting for football betting season to begin in August! So sit back, enjoy the Combine and the Draft, and we'll see where RGlll ends up. No matter where it is, he's a gifted Quarterback, a very decent person and a bright man that finished #7 in his Class of 2012 in academics at Baylor University (graduating in just 3 years).

Nevada Can Clinch WAC Crown


It's been a great year for basketball here in the state of Nevada. The UNLV Running Rebels of the Mountain West conference knocked off North Carolina early this season, and are going to be a team nobody wants to face in the Big Dance. The Nevada Wolfpack of the WAC can win the regular season league title Thursday night with a victory over New Mexico State in a game that's going to be nationally televised by ESPN2.

These teams have met once already, with Nevada winning on the road. Many respected Power Ratings have New Mexico State has the better team this year because of non-conference strength of schedule and victory margins. Nevada has rated the edge so far in league play. And, when it comes to winning an invitation to the Big Dance, the Wolfpack will have the inside track because the WAC tournament will be played in their home state...at the Orleans Arena here in Las Vegas.

I've been watching this Nevada team closely all season. One of my biggest advantages over the market every year is my knowledge of the conferences West of the Mississippi. That's particularly true in the WAC and Mountain West because of home state media coverage. You may not be aware that:

  • Nevada started the season 13-3 against the Vegas spread! You'd think the oddsmakers would have a good read on this team. But, they, and the rest of the market greatly underestimated the Wolfpack in terms of the numbers.

  • Nevada only lost by four points to a UNLV team that's going to be well-respected heading into the Big Dance. Nevada was +12 in that game played at UNLV, and hung tough in a 71-67 defeat.

  • Nevada beat Washington...and Washington currently leads the Pac 12 with a 13-3 record heading into their weekend games in Los Angeles (at USC and UCLA).

  • Nevada was disrespected in its Bracket Buster game, getting sent all the way across the country to face Iona in New York. Iona currently leads the Metro-Atlantic Conference. Nevada covered the spread of +8 in a respectable loss.

So, why isn't Nevada a lock to go into the Big Dance already? Wouldn't they make it as an at-large team even if they don't win the WAC tournament? The answer is a resounding no according to all the Power Ratings. For every good result, there's an ugly game like a 22-point loss to Missouri State, a 21-point loss to BYU, a 2-point win over Longwood, a 10-point win over Cedarville. You should beat cricket clubs and suburban high schools by more than that!

All the Bracketology stuff says that the WAC is only going to get one bid this year. And, that one bid is going to the winner of the WAC tournament rather than the regular season champ. So, tonight's New Mexico State/Nevada game is important in one sense, but meaningless in another. If there's a third meeting next week in Vegas at the Orleans, THAT'S going to be the game that sends somebody Dancing.

I still think you should watch this game closely so you can scout next week's WAC tournament, and the Big Dance. We've already seen that Nevada can play with some teams who are already assured of a spot in the NCAA brackets. That means whoever represents the WAC will have a chance to be a Cinderella in the first round (probably in a 14-3 game in the seedings).

I've mentioned in the past that March is the most important wagering month of the year in Las Vegas. Sure, the college bowls create excitement in December. And, the Super Bowl is the single biggest betting event of all time. But, in terms of SUSTAINED action that lets you pile up the profits day-after-day-after day, NOW is the time to get busy and stay busy.


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I could very well have a big play Thursday in New Mexico State/Nevada because I know both of those teams so well. In the colleges, I'm also looking at Michigan-Illinois, Florida State-Virginia, Colorado-Oregon, and a few of the West Coast late starters. Don't forget there's also tournament action underway. The West Coast Conference is at the Orleans this week, and I will have very good local information as that event unfolds.

Oh, there's NBA as well! That TV doubleheader featuring Oklahoma City-Orlando and Miami-Portland is very appealing. When you sign up for my basketball, you get the best bets in the colleges and the pro's.

It says March 1st on your calendar. There's no better sign that it's time to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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