The Wild West

The Wild West


One of the reasons I've become THE KING OF LAS VEGAS involves my ability to win consistently in some of the smaller and lesser followed basketball conferences. Because I live in the Western time zone, I follow conferences like the Big West, the WAC, the West Coast, and the Mountain West extremely closely.

If you live in a different part of the country, you're probably ignoring those conferences, and the amazing profit potential. Big mistake!

Even if you don't want to stay up late to watch the games on cable or to monitor the scoreboard, you owe it to yourself to look for money-making opportunities wherever they're available on the Vegas board. Here are some tips for handicapping some of the smaller conferences that always make up a big part of the Thursday Night schedule in college basketball.

There are very wide ranges in home court advantage in these smaller Western Conferences because some teams are bunched together, and others are very far apart geographically. Many pundits mistakenly believe that home court advantage involves the size and volume of the crowd. Repeated studies have shown that it has more to do with the distance of the trip for the travelling team, and the altitude of the home site (the Denver Nuggets have had the biggest statistical home court advantage for years in the NBA for example).

Thursday's schedule offers some great examples:

Short trips: Pepperdine at San Diego, San Francisco at Santa Clara, Gonzaga at Portland, and basically all games in the Big West.

Long trips: Hawaii at Utah State, San Jose State at Idaho, Arkansas State at Denver (a Sun Belt game, but Denver is a Mountain West team who plays in the Sun Belt), and Pac 10 games like Utah at UCLA, Colorado at USC, and the Washington schools at the Arizona schools if we include the biggest Western conference in the discussion.

We will have home court advantages ranging from about 1.5 points to as much as 5.5 points (maybe more) on the schedule tonight. Vegas oddsmakers generally use about 3-4 points in college basketball to keep things simple. I'll be looking for ways to make them pay for their laziness.

Western teams who play on Thursdays almost always play again on Saturdays, just two days later. The teams are off Sunday to Wednesday, then play two games in three days. That naturally leads to coaches and players seeing games in sets of two rather than taking them one at a time. This can be a very big deal if a RIVALRY game is in the mix.

  • Teams will play flat Thursday if they're looking ahead to a really big game on Saturday.

  • Teams will play flat on Saturday if they just played a really big game on Thursday.

  • It's very hard for anyone to play over their heads for two full games in three days.

  • It's very rare for good teams to play two bad games in a row over three days.

This scheduling format has literally made me a fortune over the years, and has already helped us with a few big winners this season. I can assure you it's part of the mix with my picks Thursday Night, and will be again on Saturday. The edge is diluted with all the leagues who play on Wednesday-Saturday rotations. The edge is powerful in this Thursday-Saturday sequence.

Too few handicappers pay attention to pace in college basketball. That's a big mistake across the board. But, it can be a really big issue in these Thursday-Saturday games.

  • Fast teams are VERY fresh on Thursdays, and in position to play their preferred style.

  • Fast teams often get tired in the second half on Saturdays, fading badly as the other team pulls away.

  • Slow teams are well-suited to the scheduling challenge as a general rule, but they can get pulled out of their comfort zones in Thursday road games vs. fast teams.

  • Slow teams as home underdogs consistently offer great value, except in those rare cases where they're hosting a fast team on a Thursday.

If you're like most casual sports bettors or handicappers, you barely even skimmed over the Thursday Night college schedule. Now...after what you've just through the schedule with some purpose. Can't you see how the possibilities are just exploding all over the place?! Can't you see how THE KING OF LAS VEGAS, who follows the styles of play, the rivalries, and the travel challenges in the Western conferences would have no trouble at all finding a handful of virtual locks from that busy card? Pass most of the card...but really attack the biggest edges. Easy money!

This is why you should think of Vegas sports betting as an investment rather than something you do for fun. Instead of going to bed when the early TV games are over, GET SERIOUS! I'll be happy to help you out. You can purchase my top basketball plays every day right here at the website with your credit card. I also have great rates for seasonal packages. If you have any questions, call my office at 1-877-766-8946.

There's only one football game left this year. But, there's a fortune to be made on the hardwood between now and MARCH MADNESS. Not just in the TV games...but in ALL CONFERENCES EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK! That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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