Re-writing the Book on Eli

Re-writing the Book on Eli


Two weeks ago I talked about how the hopes of all of New York were riding on the shoulders of Eli Manning. He calmly went out and led his Giants to a 24-2 rout of the Atlanta Falcons. Last week, I asked if Eli could do it again. He could! The Giants dominated Green Bay on both sides of the ball in a 37-20 victory that had many pundits asking if Manning was truly, now, one of the elite quarterbacks in the game.

Heading into Sunday's NFC Championship showdown with the San Francisco 49ers, it may be time to re-write the book on Eli.

For years he played in the shadow of his brother Peyton, and was clearly the lesser of the two quarterbacks. Sure, he had some very big games...and was at least a B-grade starter in the league. He wasn't part of the Manning-Brady discussion involving his brother and the Patriots dynasty. He wasn't Drew Brees. He wasn't Brett Favre. Then, when Favre retired, Aaron Rodgers surged past Eli. Manning was a quality starter...but he wasn't seen as a future Hall-of-Famer.

Now how he might be less than a month away from his second Super Bowl win...and it's very hard to miss the Hall of Fame if you've won two Super Bowls.

Here's what Manning has done in his first two playoff games this month:

23-32-0-277 vs. Atlanta
21-33-1-325 at Green Bay

That's sharpness considering how often he throws downfield...that's production with an average near 300 yards per game...that's consistency because you only have one interception for those 602 total yards...and it's all coming in crunch time when the season is on the line.

Great stuff!

Here's another passing line I want to show you

26-40-2-311 at San Francisco

That's not my guess for what he'll do Sunday. That's what he did in a regular season meeting on this field back in mid November. You'll note that the production was still there...but he wasn't quite as sharp with 14 incomplete passes rather than 12 or 9, and that he had two interceptions rather than just one. You'll also recall that the Giants lost that game 27-20.

The margin for error probably is that thin. If Eli makes mistakes, it's going to be hard to win this game on the road against a well-rested opponent. But, if Eli maintains his form of the past two weekends...then we're looking at an upset win and a return to the Super Bowl.

You regulars know I was born in New York as an S.O.B. (son of a butcher!), and attended an Ivy League school, I've always followed the New York sports scene very closely even though I've lived in Las Vegas now for many years. I've been reading all the local press, and talking to my old contacts to get the best read possible on which Eli is going to show up...the "old" Eli who plays erratically under pressure and is best when attention is elsewhere. Or, the Eli who may be re-writing his life story this month with a string of great performances.

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Whether you're talking pro football, pro basketball, college basketball, or even major league baseball...when a big sports event involves a New York area team, I've established that THE KING OF LAS VEGAS is the man to call for the winner. I was the KING OF NEW YORK before I was THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

This is going to be a day that football fans will be talking about for years. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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