How Great Thou Art Mr. Tebow


By Wayne Allyn Root

The guy loves Jesus. He happens to play in a stadium that is a mile high- the nearest to heaven of any NFL team. His favorite Bible verse is 3:16. Somehow he threw for exactly 316 yards in last Sunday's divinely inspired upset. He also threw for exactly 31.6 yards per pass- the highest average yards per pass in the history of the NFL Postseason! The TV ratings in the 4th quarter were 31.6 share- that's 31.6 million viewers (the most to watch a Wild Card Playoff game in 25 years). And perhaps the most amazing feat of all? A quarterback who football experts claim can't pass, just happened to throw 4 passes of 30+ yards in one quarter- the most in 50 years in the NFL. Then he topped it off with an 80 yard TD pass- the longest in the history of overtime in the NFL. Is your jaw open?

Oh by the way...just as an aside...Denver become only the 5th team in NFL history to make the Playoffs after starting 2-5. They were 1-4 when Tebow took over.

In years past, for most bettors, it was "make a bet" and you were "off to the races". Not this year. Now it's make a bet on Tebow, collect it and it's "off to Church." Last week's win against the Steelers had another touch of coincidence of Devine Intervention. But it seems like most games Tebow has pulled out for a win have had that added measure of Holy Spirit. It seems the John 3:16 references are piling up so often the clergy are bringing in more converts every Sunday. Even Nostradamus is entering the picture. He predicted the end of the world for 2012 and it was to be lead by a man in a helmet wearing a blue cape. Tim Tebow and the Broncos passed one huge test. Now comes an even bigger challenge- the New England Patriots.

If the Broncos stunned the football world- and they did everywhere outside of the Rockies- with their thrilling overtime victory against the Steelers, they could set the universe spinning out of control by beating the top-seeded Patriots. The world needs something to feel good about in this depressing economy. And who knows, maybe this week they can even stop the Middle East from fighting for a minute, to get a glimpse of this new American superhero. Oh, just as an aside, Tebow was named this week as the most popular athlete in America. This guy doesn't fool around!

New England isn't nearly as strong as it was in winning three Super Bowls and going undefeated on its way to a fourth NFL title game. Although the Patriots went 13-3 to secure AFC home-field advantage this season, winning their final eight, they have major issues on defense. Additionally, the Patriots DID NOT BEAT ONE TEAM THAT HAD A WINNING RECORD. They played two teams with winning records, NY Giants and Pittsburgh, and lost both of those games. The rest; just a mishmash of mediocrity. However, in their favor, Denver wasn't a winning team. They were a mediocre 8-8.

Broncos coach John Fox said. "They are a very good football team; they've got a lot of playoff experience. We will have to deal with crowd noise; that's always a little bit of an issue, but it won't be the first time this season we've had to do that. It'll be a huge challenge and when you get to this point in the playoffs that's kind of how it always is.’

New England snapped Denver's six-game winning streak with a 41-23 win in the Mile High City a month ago. So the Patriots are plenty familiar with Tebow and company. But let me remind you of the fast start Denver had in that game going up by 2 TD's before self-imploding. `"It's always challenging to go up against an offense like this because you can do so many things,’ Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork said. "You can't just say, When they get in this formation, this is going to happen, or When they do this, look out for (this). You can't do that because you can be attacked and blindsided from so many different ways.
The Patriots always seem to be hosting January games in Foxborough, ever since the `"Tuck Rule’ win over the Raiders 10 years ago. Because recently they've been vulnerable at home in those situations, and because Denver has performed some, uh, miracles, there's a line of thought that the Broncos will surprise the Patriots on Saturday night. But there is magic coming from both camps. Brady and Belichick vs. Tebow and "the Man upstairs." If Tebow performs anywhere near the level of his last 3 regular season games, then the 13.5 points Denver gets as the underdog is not nearly enough. But if Tebow has re-built his confidence from last week's "Miracle at Mile High" then who knows?

But back to earth, and into the office, and on the phone, for this handicapper. Alot of analysis and scouting needs to be done. Afterall I have my own streak that rivals Mr Tebow. I finished up the Bowl Season winning 20 of my last 31 Bowls while winning the bigger games at an even better margin going 17-9-1, 68% WINNERS on Millionaires and games rated higher. My No Limits and Pinnacles finished 9-3-1, 75% WINNERS. My highest plays Pinnacles finished 4-1-1, 80% WINNERS!

And the NFL was not taking a back seat to NCAA Bowls, as I have won 18 of my last 23 NFL picks including 3-1 in the First Round of the Playoffs, and won my Wild Card game of the Year last week on guess who- the Denver Broncos!

I turn my attention to my Divisional Round NFL Playoff Game of the Year this week. I can't promise you a major play in the Broncos vs.Patriots contest at this time, but I do know it will be the most-watched game rivaling some Super Bowls in terms of numbers. I'll see some of you at the cash window with many football and College Hoops tickets from the Sportsbook. Make sure you bet big on my Divisional Round NFL Playoff Game of the Year. This is a big one!


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