Anything Can Happen in Big East

Anything Can Happen in Big East


Some of you may be thinking that Villanova has no chance tonight in its big TV game against powerful Syracuse. It's been a down year for the Wildcats, who are only 3-10 against the Vegas spread because the market didn't expect such poor play. Meanwhile, Syracuse is a perfect 17-0 straight up this year, and ranked #1 in the country heading into the game.

Should be an easy win for the Orange, even if it's on the road. Vegas oddsmakers have made Syracuse a 9-point favorite. Of saw what happened LAST NIGHT when another Big East favorite was laying nine points on the road!

Louisville (-9) lost to Providence 90-59!!

That wasn't just a non-cover for the road favorite...or even "just" an upset. Louisville missed the Vegas spread by FORTY POINTS while getting slaughtered in a game they were supposed to win easily.

I'll say it now...and I may say it many more times this season. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE BIG EAST!

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • There's a lot of raw talent in this league...and even the raw talent on the lower division teams are capable of getting hot and having big games. When that happens, it's upset city. For some teams, that means getting hot on treys and burying all of their bombs. For others, it can me one standout player feeling his oats and putting up a big number. Upsets can happen even when favorites aren't playing flat.

  • Favorites have a lot of flat games! It's impossible to maintain peak intensity every single time out in such a physical league. It just can't be done because the grind is so difficult. Louisville showed you Tuesday Night the worst that can happen when the juices aren't flowing for a top team. I'm not going to suggest we'll see a lot of shockers of THAT magnitude. But, playing five points worse than normal, or 10, or 15...that's pretty common in this league for flat favorites.

  • Underdogs are known to bounce up and down like yo-yo's because they don't have the depth to string together good efforts. When teams who are already pretty shaky to begin with play flat, the losses are ugly indeed. On some nights, the worst teams in the Big East just look TERRIBLE on the floor because they've run out of gas.

  • Historical rivalries mean a lot in this conference, which can lead to some surprising results in a given year. Some teams always get up for others...even if they're struggling through a disappointing season and the big name opponent is a superpower. Some teams NEVER get up for non-rivals on the road, and those games often end up being the low points of the season. If you've followed the rivalries closely (as I have thanks to my New York roots), it's very easy to see blowout covers for favorites or underdogs coming up in advance.

Maybe you won't see any extreme results tonight in the Big East, when #1 Syracuse visits Villanova, when St. John's plays at Marquette, or when Rutgers travels to Pittsburgh. Or...maybe...the main reason I'm writing this article TODAY is because WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has something special going in the Big East that will be keyed by one of the factors I just discussed!

You'll have to sign up to find out. A great Wednesday basketball card will be available Wednesday afternoon a few hours before first tip. You can purchase those games with your credit card right here at the website. If you have any questions about my service, or you want to talk about longer term packages, call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946.

College football is over, which means it's time to focus on college basketball from now through MARCH MADNESS. Because there are only seven NFL playoff games left...and because the wagering public tends to prefer college hoops to the NBA in January, February, and March, the majority of my game day selections in the coming weeks will be in college baskets. And, because the BIG EAST has the most teams, the most varied daily schedules, and the strongest connection to my personal basketball roots, that will be one of my major conferences of focus from now through Final Four weekend.

Pay close attention to the Big East TV games tonight (St. John's-Marquette on ESPNU and Syracuse-Villanova on ESPN2). You'll be seeing a lot of those names in the coming weeks on TV and probably on my daily release sheets too. I love the Big East, and I love college basketball. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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