Vegas Buzzing About The Clippers

Vegas Buzzing about Clippers


I hadn't planned on writing about the NBA until the regular season started. But, I wanted to report to you how much the city of Las Vegas was buzzing about the trade that sent superstar point guard Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers.

I've told you many times that Vegas is basically a suburb of Los Angeles in terms of sports interest. I've been known as HANDICAPPER TO THE STARS for many seasons because so many in Hollywood love betting on sports! Well, a lot more of Hollywood and Los Angeles is going to start betting on the Clippers with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul on the same floor night after night.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers already drive a lot of action. I don't expect that to slow down even if the team as a whole takes a step back this year. You've probably read that Kobe wasn't very happy about Lamar Odom being traded to Dallas for what amounted to cap space and future possibilities. Maybe Dwight Howard will eventually be playing in Lakers colors...or maybe not. As long as Kobe has the ball in his hands, Kobe-backers will be betting the Lakers.

The Clippers, on the other hand, spent years as a team that barely seemed to exist in Las Vegas. That changed last year when Griffin started making highlight reel dunks every night. With Paul throwing him alley-oops, sportsbooks are likely to have big crowds whenever the Clips are on TV. This is great news for sportsbooks who need increased action...and great news for handicappers who are looking for pointspread value.

I'm going to handicap each game as it comes. My first thought is that the Clippers are going to be overrated by the market. Oddsmakers have been reading to all the hype, and reacting to it on futures prices. The public tends to over-rate the impact of star players to begin with. It's important for all of you to keep level heads out there. Remember:

  • DALLAS isn't going anywhere. They'll still be a championship contender even if the lineup looks a little different this year. Gaining Lamar Odom makes up for what was lost.

  • OKLAHOMA CITY isn't going anywhere. The Thunder are still young and hungry...probably hungrier. Plus, they play their home games in a great atmosphere.

  • SAN ANTONIO hasn't thrown in the towel, even if some believe they're too old to win any more. A shortened season may help the veterans stay fresh come playoff time. Coach Popovich is a master of pacing his players through a long season. Now he can pace them through a shorter season. This group doesn't need a great seed to be a threat in the postseason.

  • PORTLAND, MEMPHIS, DENVER, and a few others have just a good a chance at the start of being as relevant as the Clippers are. As weird as it sounds...everyone in the West will now be gunning for the Clippers!

  • AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE LAKERS! It would kill Kobe to play on the second-best team in his home city. The race in the West is going to be very interesting this season.

I'll talk more about the NBA after the regular season gets here on Christmas Day. I can assure you I'm looking forward to it very much. We had a great run last year through the full season and playoffs. Picking winners this year will be even easier because oddsmakers will likely struggle with the condensed schedule.

For, the focus is still on college basketball and football. I'll talk more about those sports this weekend here at the website. And, I'll have major releases going all weekend long:

  • SATURDAY: my top plays from the bowl tripleheader plus Dallas-Tampa Bay in the NFL...and my very best from a huge day in hoops. I've been scouting out the best bowl opportunities since Championship Saturday ended...and my clients and I will hit the ground running on the first big day of action. 

  • SUNDAY: one of my biggest NFL releases all season goes on this very important Sunday card. This is a MUST-PLAY MASTERPIECE! My hometown teams...the Giants and Jets...are both playing important games that will affect the playoff races. I may step out there, or in one of the marquee late games like New England at Denver, Detroit at Oakland, or Baltimore at San Diego.

  • MONDAY: it's Pittsburgh at San Francisco on Monday Night Football...which means a wild night in Vegas sportsbooks because both of those teams have avid betting followings in town. I'm also planning a special college basketball release from an appealing West Coast card.  

Releases will go up a few hours before the first game each day. You can check on seasonal rates by calling my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946.

December is about to heat up...and we're about a week away from the NBA joining the fun. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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