Coach Ron Meyer: Chiefs Fire Haley

Coach Ron Meyer: Chiefs Fire Haley

Many around the NFL were surprised early Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs fired head coach Todd Haley. After watching the Chiefs lackluster effort Sunday against the New York Jets, I figured a change was in the air. I have to admit I thought it was more likely after the season than now.

It's clear that the Chiefs weren't moving forward under Haley. They were lucky to make the playoffs last year in a very poor division...and they were immediately outclassed in the postseason when Baltimore when to KC and dominated them. This year's team had a few good wins...but they weren't nearly as good as their 5-8 record.

Let's look back at their wins:

  • KC barely got by a Minnesota team that currently sits at 2-11 in the standings.

  • KC had to rally from way down to beat an Indianapolis team that's currently 0-13 in the standings

  • KC had a nice win over Oakland...thanks to interception returns against a team that was still trying to get its quarterback position settled.

  • KC barely got by San Diego in overtime, in a game so ugly neither team really deserved to win.

  • KC beat shorthanded Chicago 10-3, with their only TD coming on a Hail Mary on the last play of the first half.

Basically, Kansas City beat four backup caliber quarterbacks, and snuck past San Diego in overtime. Once Matt Cassell went out with an injury, many respected Power Ratings had the Chiefs down amongst the worst teams in the NFL. They sure played that way Sunday against the Jets.

Now, if you have a lovable head coach with a strong track record, management can show some patience during a season like this. But, Haley is controversial, unconventional, and hard to like when things aren't going well. Management showed its patience after a bad start to the 2011 season. They clearly ran out of patience with the abysmal offensive results of the last six weeks:

3 points vs. Miami
10 points vs. Denver (on a garbage time TD)
3 points vs. New England
9 points vs. Pittsburgh
10 points vs. Chicago (on a Hail Mary)
10 points vs. the NY Jets

Try selling tickets to THAT!

And, Haley's supposed to be an offensive guru!

Even accounting for injuries, the Chiefs just weren't destined to be anything special under Todd Haley. Last year was a case of a mediocre team playing a very soft schedule. This year the Chiefs backtracked from mediocre. I can see why the move was made. Might as well give assistant Romeo Crennel a chance to run the show in the final few weeks to see if he can light a spark. No harm, no foul if he can't.

Other NFL head coaches on the hot seat right now:

  • Tony Sparano of Miami is already rumored to be gone at the end of the season after the Dolphins lost badly to Philadelphia on Sunday.

  • Norv Turnver of San Diego was rumored to be gone at the end of the season prior to the team's good showing at Jacksonville. They followed that up with a blowout of maybe this story is on hold.

  • Andy Reid may be in trouble in Philadelphia if the team doesn't close well.

  • Chan Gailey looks to have lost his players in Buffalo, continuing his dramatic slide since a hot start to the 2011 season.

  • Mike Shanahan of Washington is employed by an impatient owner...and the Skins are having another disappointing season.

  • Leslie Frazier and Jim Caldwell are having very poor years at Minnesota and Indianapolis right now. They may have enough organizational respect in reserve to get them one more season. Maybe not.

  • Steve Spagnulo may be in serious trouble in St. Louis given how badly his team has played this year, and how horrible the offense has looked since they drafted Sam Bradford.

Spagnulo's Rams play Monday Night in Seattle. If you're reading this Monday afternoon, you can purchase my pick in that game right here at the website with your credit card. Will St. Louis rise up as a divisional dog and score an upset? Or, has Spagnulo lost the team already? Only a former coach would know for sure!

If you're reading this later in the week, take advantage of the lull in the schedule to sign up for my bowl package by calling my handicapping office at 1-877-540-8787. The college postseason start this Saturday with a tripleheader in New Mexico, Boise, and New Orleans. Don't forget that the NFL has early action this week, with Jacksonville at Atlanta on Thursday Night, and Dallas at Tampa Bay on Saturday Night.

The bowls are about to begin...and we're racing down the stretch in the NFL regular season. There's no better time to put A WINNING COACH IN YOUR CORNER!


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