Big Day for Eli Manning

Big Day for Eli Manning

There are a few NFL quarterbacks who seem to alternate between euphoric highs and miserable lows. Eli Manning of the New York Giants has been doing that once again this season. One second he's connecting on a long bomb for a touchdown. The next, he's throwing an interception in the end zone and the whole world is lip-reading his coaching yelling "What are you doing?!"

It wasn't that long ago that Eli was engineering a last second game winning drive in New England to beat the Patriots in a game that seemingly announced to the world that the Giants were ready for another great playoff run. Beating New England anywhere is tough. Doing it in Foxboro...beating Tom Brady at his own game...that was something special. Since then:

  • The Giants hung tough at San Francisco, but lost late in a non-cover. Manning passed for 332 yards, but had two interceptions. Typical bipolar day!

  • The Giants played horrible in a home loss to Vince Young and Philadelphia. I say horrible because the Eagles have looked so bad in their other two games under Young (vs. New England and at Seattle). Manning passed for 249 yards, but wasn't sharp in the pocket and had another pick.

  • The Giants were embarrassed this past Monday Night by the Saints in a 49-24 loss. Manning almost passed for 400 yards in the loss. But, he had another bad interception, and was playing from way behind all night.

That sets up Sunday's big home game against the undefeated Green Bay Packers. Some pundits circled this as a game that could end the Packers hopes for a 16-0 run. Green Bay would be in a letdown spot off the big Thanksgiving divisional game in Detroit. The playoffs and #1 seed are a virtual lock already given the rest of the schedule. Is this where Green Bay stubs its toe? Could Eli Manning beat Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the same year where he lost home games to Tavaris Jackson and Vince Young?!

You longtime readers know I follow New York sports very closely. I was born in Mt. Vernon, New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I still have very strong connections in the area. I've always had a knack for picking big play winners in this region...whether you're talking about the Giants and Jets, Yankees and Mets, Knicks and Nets, or Big East basketball and football. I've been working very hard on this game (as well as Jets-Redskins) because I know my clients want to win the marquee games they're watching on TV.

Be sure to check the "buy picks" page for the very latest news on what I'm offering on this busy NFL Sunday. I can tell you that the Giants might be my latest SHOCK THE SYSTEM upset call as I continue to improve on the greatest documented underdog performance in the industry. But, what I know about Eli Manning under the spotlight might surprise YOU! You'll have to sign up for service to see if this game is part of the mix.

I can tell you that I expect to have at least 2-3 major releases involving either the Jets or Giants from this point forward in the regular season. (And, I might as well give you a heads up now about big college basketball plays this week at Madison Square Garden. Tuesday it's Villanova-Missouri and Washington-Marquette in the Coaches vs. Cancer games. Saturday brings another Garden doubleheader with Washington-Duke and Oklahoma State-Pittsburgh.)

We have five weeks left in the NFL regular season counting today. Sunday Night will bring the bowl announcements for the college postseason. I can't wait for that because I start handicapping games the minute the matchups are announced! This is the perfect time for you to think about signing for the rest of the year. Complete details on seasonal packages are available at 1-877-766-8946. Be sure to ask about early season college basketball when you call.

New York fans (and their head coach) will either be yelling for Eli Manning, or AT Eli Manning Sunday afternoon when he tries to end the undefeated run of the Green Bay Packers. Let them sweat the game. You'll be calmly cashing more winners with WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!



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