Wayne Root: Tebow Unlikely to Surprise This Year


Tebow Unlikely to Surprise This Year

Be sure you check out Saturday Night's Buffalo/Denver game to be telecast live on the NFL Network. This will be one of the last chances you get to see Tim Tebow going with a full head of steam for the foreseeable future.

Tebow is one of those guys who definitely has SHOCK THE SYSTEM potential because he always gives everything 100%...while expectations from "experts"are low. Any true SHOCKER comes from incorrect expectations. And, it's usually "overachievers"like Tebow who come in and teach arrogant pundits a lesson.

That's why I've been following his development so closely since he left Florida! I'm always on the lookout for impact players who aren't getting enough respect. When you get a leader like that, and a team that will follow him to battle...you're getting something truly special in a Las Vegas betting scenario.

Why don't I think Tebow is ready to surprise this year?

  • First, the lockout just killed his chances. There's probably no other player in the NFL who needed offseason reps under the guidance of NFL coaches more than Tim Tebow. His form is spotty. His ability to read NFL caliber defenses seems virtually non-existent. Throw in a head coaching change in Denver and some new offensive approaches...and it just spelled disaster. As you've probably read, he was a disaster in the team scrimmage that was held just before the Preseason started.

  • Second, he's unlikely to get a chance to play. First-teamer Kyle Orton is a lot more experienced, a lot better at reading defenses, and he has a decent history of moving the ball at the NFL level. He's not a star. But, he can at least get his teams to a level of productivity that's way above Tebow right now. The difference in the final scrimmage was like night and day.

  • Third, he's not going to get any breaks right now from his head coach. Denver hired veteran John Fox after Carolina fired him last season. Veteran coaches are rarely interested in rebuilding now so they can win in a few years. Fox will want to try to win now. That means Tebow will sit on the bench unless a devastating injury takes Orton out of commission. Look, if Tebow had been SHARP since the lockout ended, Fox wouldn't have been very interested in using him. Tebow has shown he's not ready to play in the NFL just yet.

  • Fourth, there's no internal demand from his teammates. In many cases where a backup quarterback is challenging a starter, there's a contingent on the roster who wants the backup. This can spoil the starter's chances to get 100% out of his team. And, it gives the backup a boost at first if he gets his chance. The Denver players know Tebow's not ready. Nobody's clamoring for him. I'm hearing that many are disappointed that he's advanced so little since last season in his understanding of the game. He may run harder than anyone, and lift more weight pound-for-pound for his size than anyone. His form isn't good, and his brain isn't picking things up quickly.

Now...I DO HAVE some potential surprise quarterbacks in mind for this season. I'm not going to post that information here because I have to protect it for my clients There are backups I think will surprise you tonight and over the rest of Preseason. There are up-and-coming starters who I think will take a big step forward once the regular season starts too. There will be several SHOCK THE SYSTEM stories in the NFL this year...and several STUNNING UPSET CALLS from WAYNE ALLYN ROOT! Tim Tebow just won't be in the mix because the timing isn't right. The timing may never be right if he doesn't start improving on the fundamentals.

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