Are Pats in for a Surprise?



There's been a lot of buzz about the New England Patriots in the past few weeks. I'll be watching their 2011 Preseason opener Thursday Night vs. Jacksonville very closely because I'm convinced we're looking at one of the most volatile teams of the recent era in the NFL.

When the Patriots are clicking, Vegas pointspreads don't matter. They run up the score to huge margins. The Pats had victories last year of 27, 21, 42, 29, 31, and 31 points in the regular season. Oddsmakers aren't in the habit of posting numbers anywhere near that high in professional football no matter how respected a favorite is.

When the Patriots are floundering, Vegas pointspreads matter a lot because the Patriots DO get respect. New England failed to cover in the only two games last year where they were double digit favorite. Then, they lost outright in the playoffs laying 9.5 points to the Jets.

If the additions of Chad Ochocinco, Albert Haynesworth, and Shaun Ellis are destined to lift the Patriots to a new level, then this team is going to win blowout after blowout and the lines won't matter. But, if those players prove to be disruptive influences rather than big positives...we're looking at a team that's going to struggle badly vs. Vegas expectations. Haynesworth is a known poison. Ochocinco has the potential to be a distraction rather than a solution. Ellis is a Wildcard at this point. And, I should point out that both Haynewsorth and Ellis are dealing with health/injury issues this week and won't even see action in Thursday's game.

I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I can see surprises coming. Sometimes it's catching a team that was off the radar as they go on a SHOCK THE SYSTEM spree. Sometimes, it's stepping in and fading a team before and during an implosion. I don't want to tip my hand too much right now. Suffice to say that I'm paying close attention to the Pats. I may have one major release on them this month, and one against them. When the regular season gets here, they could easily be on my weekly card one way or another quite often through the 2011 campaign.

I wanted to alert you to this dynamic early on. ESPN has basically camped out with the Pats...and will continue to provide day-to-day coverage that will border on overkill. Thank God Brett Favre didn't un-retire and sign with the Patriots! Nobody's talking about the handicapping angle here. Be sure you're thinking about the impact in VEGAS of what's happening in New England.

Here's the upcoming schedule for the Pats:
Tonight: vs. Jacksonville
Next Thursday: at Tampa Bay
8/27: at Detroit (dress rehearsal)
9/1: vs. NY Giants

The regular season starts with a road game at Miami on Monday Night Football. A potential playoff preview against San Diego follows the next Sunday. The first big game against the hated New York Jets comes in Week Five. That kicks off a brutal stretch that features the Jets, Dallas, Pittsburgh, the NY Giants, the NY Jets again, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis in succession. See what I mean about volatility! A festering poison could derail the season. A happy family could cover a lot of spreads because the prices won't be too high against tough competition.

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