Wayne Root: Maintaining Focus While Hot



I ended the first half of the Major League Baseball season on a great run. And, now I'm 71% on my plays since the All-Star Break as we go to press with this article.

I'd like to say I'm as confident as can be heading into this weekend's action, and the coming football season. But, you know what? I'm always aware that there's such a thing as being TOO confident. Handicappers can't ever get overconfident or they'll blow their bankroll in a finger snap.

I've seen that time and time again here in Las Vegas. Gamblers by their very nature have a lot of confidence or they wouldn't find themselves testing fate so often. Confidence leads to success. But, OVERCONFIDENCE leads to:

  • Betting too many games when you should be focusing on your clearest edges...

  • Playing too aggressively at the poker tables against opponents who are waiting to trap you when they have a great hand.

  • Putting too many chips on the blackjack table when the count of the deck or your personal doesn't justify that level of action.

  • Partaking of roulette or craps in the first place! You can't beat these games over the long haul. Any sense of confidence at these tables is the sign of a fool rather than an advantage player.

Vegas was built on the overconfidence of bad or undisciplined gamblers. I earned my title as THE KING OF LAS VEGAS by having the right amount of confidence with my top baseball, football, and basketball plays. I've beaten the casinos at their own game my full career because I make the right bets at the right prices for the right amount of money.

This is very important for all of you who have been winning BIG with me in recent weeks to remember. You're flush with cash. You're feeling good. You're starting to think "these games can't lose, I should just let it all ride every night." Hey, I'll never release a game I think is going to lose. But, I'm aware that it's impossible to win every pick. Injuries happen. Bad calls from officials happen. And, sometimes a pitcher who's been in very good form just doesn't have his stuff that night. I'm very excited about my 71% run since the ASB. I'm not under any illusions that it's 100%.

Always bet responsibly within your bankroll. Be as aggressive as you can responsibly be when WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has a big play, but no more.

Also, resist the urge to start betting a lot of your own picks. There's nothing I hate worse as a handicapper than hearing about a client who went 2-1 with my games, but 0-3 on his own. I did my job. He went 2-4 and lost money because he figured his leans were as good as my strongest games.

If you do a lot of very serious handicapping, and have justifiable confidence in your ability to pick winners, that's one thing. Many of you who visit this website fall into that category and are using my games to compare to and supplement yours. Great to have you on board. Just remember that overconfidence can hit YOU too! Don't play the whole card. Don't overbet your bankrolls. Even longtime Vegas veterans are most prone to leaks when things are going well. You've seen some well known poker players get sloppy in the recent World Series of Poker. Be vigilant.

I'm very excited about the next few days of baseball. I have something special planned on Thursday. Just be sure you call EARLY because there are several day games. If the current pitching matchups don't change, I may have a major release each and every day Friday through Sunday. I have to protect my information for my clients...so I can't say too much here in a web article. I can tell you I'll be paying particular attention to pennant race series like St. Louis/Pittsburgh, Milwaukee/San Francisco, Atlanta/Cincinnati, Chicago White Sox/Cleveland, and Detroit/Minnesota.

You can purchase my top plays here at the website every day with your credit card. I still have a great deal going right now for my PINNACLE CLUB. If you have any questions about available packages or upcoming football, call my office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS.

It's possible to beat the sportsbooks if you stay focused and keep your head on straight. Join the army of bettors who have been doing that with my top releases. It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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