Wayne Root: Shockers on a Holiday Weekend



Whenever athletes in any sport are confronted with a new environment, the situation becomes ripe for SHOCK THE SYSTEM developments.

Maybe it's a full afternoon slate of NBA action on MLK Day. Pro hoop stars aren't used to playing on a Monday afternoon. Anything can happen once the status quo is disrupted.

Maybe it's a snowy December Sunday in the NFL. Weather can be a great equalizer, particularly extreme weather.

This weekend, having July 4th fall on a Monday creates some holiday possibilities that could lead to very surprising results.

  • Crowds get bigger over a holiday weekend. Everyone has time to go to the ballpark. Nobody's worried about night games running late. And, the party atmosphere means more beer sales and a rowdier crowd. Large, rowdy crowds can impact games in ways that handicappers have to take into account.

  • Games are more intense in front of large crowds, and lesser teams are less likely to phone in a performance. You saw some dead efforts Wednesday and Thursday in getaway games played in front of mostly empty stadiums. Losing teams just go through the motions in those environments. But, in front of big crowds, they snap back to attention and bring peak intensity. Many of the "worst" teams are that way because of lack of effort rather than lack of talent. You're going to get some good efforts from motivated dogs this weekend.

  • Large crowds bring pressure in a way that can turn a pitcher's legs to jelly. He's been mowing down batters for a few weeks in front of generic audiences. Suddenly, the stadium is PACKED and the pressure is really on. I think you'll be surprised this weekend by how many "name" pitchers perform below their recent form. Remember, anything that messes up the status quo messes up the best players. In baseball, the pitchers have more impact on performance (and Vegas money) than any other position.

Compounding those influences this weekend is the fact that it's the final few days of INTERLEAGUE play! There will be a huge crowd in New York watching THE METS AND THE YANKEES! There will be a huge crowd in Chicago watching THE WHITE SOX AND THE CUBS! We also have rivalry wars in Ohio (Cleveland/Cincinnati) and Los Angeles (Dodgers/Angels). Some of the rowdiest games of the entire 2011 season will be played Saturday and Sunday.

Then, that brings us to Monday...July 4th. What a weird spot on the schedule that is! Everyone returns to normal league play...with a significant number of day games followed by fireworks shows. You have teams travelling without a day off, after a grueling weekend series. The Mets have to fly all the way out to Los Angeles without a day off after playing the Yankees! Some good teams will have little left in the tank next Monday. Others will have been playing non-rivals at home, and will be able to bring their normal effort.

I'm always encouraging you to emphasize intangibles, emotions, and motivation in your handicapping. I'll admit it's less of a factor in baseball than it is in football or basketball. But, it IS a factor. And, THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND, it's likely to be the single biggest factor triggering SHOCK THE SYSTEM results. The intangibles of pressure under the microscope, the emotions of playing a hated rival, the lack of motivation teams suffer in a letdown right after a big series. It's all going to come together throughout the July 4th weekend.

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Stadiums will be packed with baseball fans all over America this week. That means it's time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside the greatest handicapper in America...WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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