Wayne Root: NL?s Stunning 22-10 Reversal



Apparently American League teams read too many press clippings about how superior they were to the National League. We see this all the time in major sports. Complacency is a big enemy to good teams...and a great friend to SHOCK THE SYSTEM handicappers who like to make money betting against complacent teams!

After the American League dominated the Nationals last weekend, the perhaps ill-named "senior circuit" managed an impressive midweek 22-10 rally to get back to respectability. The NL still trailed the AL heading into Friday's action in terms of the 2010 big picture. That set up a very interesting weekend for Vegas oddsmakers and bettors.

  • Should everyone STOP betting on American League teams because that first weekend was just an illusion, and betting the AL was throwing your money away? I can't tell you how many bettors I saw yelling at the big screen TV's in sportsbooks this week because the AL teams they trusted were sleepwalking through their games.

  • Should everyone KEEP betting on American League teams because the NL got their attention, and now it's time for the superior AL to go back to dominating? Which set of games was the illusion? Last weekend when the AL looked great? Or, the midweek matchups where the NL put the AL in a sleeper hold? You don't want to keep throwing good money after bad. You don't want to jump horses midstream just when the tide was about to turn either.

  • Should everyone IGNORE what league that teams are from and just bet based on their traditional handicapping strategies? I've heard some handicapping pundits suggest that. Do you know who's saying that? Guys who never believed the AL was better back when they were dominating a few years ago. They want permission to use an old-fashioned "stick to your guns" approach that wins just enough to keep them in the game but not enough to make any money. When it comes to Interleague play, you ignore tendencies at your own peril!

I've been moving to and fro at just the right times lately. That's one of the big advantages of EXPECTING surprises to happen. Most of the market is "reacting" to what happens, and usually very slowly. I'm ANTICIPATING what's going to happen, which gets me the right teams at fantastic prices. This is why I'm THE KING OF UPSETS in football and basketball and UNDERDOGS in baseball. It's ultimately why I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS and the only handicapper with a star on the Vegas "Walk of Fame." I anticipate...then my clients celebrate!

I can't go into specifics about my plans for Saturday and Sunday baseball. I have to protect my best information for my clients. I can tell you that I believe that the market has "over-corrected" on a few major developments that happened in the past week. I don't want to say much more than that. Don't assume I'm saying the obvious. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT DOESN'T BET THE OBVIOUS! I'm not standing beside you on the back end of the learning curve. I'm going around the next curve that you didn't even know existed.

My game day releases will be up early Saturday and Sunday because of the busy afternoon schedules. This is the perfect time to try out my service. You can also sign up for my MONEYLINE BASEBALL CLUB, my PERFECT PLAY SERVICE, or my PINNACLE BASEBALL CLUB here at the website with your credit card. If you're ready to think about football, I have great rates for the coming season. Call 1-877-766-8946 to discuss early bird packages.

We have one more week of Interleague play and I plan to keep my hot streak going. Stop losing with your own bets. Stop passing when you should be playing. Stop listening to the wrong people and their outdated strategies. It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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