Wayne Root: Keys to Big IL Plays



I alerted you earlier this week that I was likely to have some very big plays this weekend in Interleague action. Now that the weekend is here, I can CONFIRM that it's happening!

You regulars know I can't get very specific about teams or pitchers in these web articles because I have to protect my clients. If it was clear that I had fallen in love with a team, the line would be 20-30 cents higher very quickly. If I was touting a certain pitcher time and time again, his value would be gone in subsequent starts because the linemakers would know what was coming.

So, I'm not going to tell you HERE what I have planned Saturday and Sunday except in the most general terms. But, I will tell you the key factors I'm looking at when looking for GAMES OF THE YEAR, PERFECT PLAYS and other highly rated selections.

  • An edge on the mound. This should go without saying. But, I'm constantly seeing local bettors, and even other Vegas handicappers making a big bet on a hot team, or against a cold team without any regard for his own starting pitcher in the game. Guys want to bet on the Yankees no matter who's pitching. There are Yankees hurlers that can't be trusted with big money! Guys want to bet against the Astros no matter who's pitching. Not smart if your team is throwing their #4 or #5 starter.
  • An edge with the bats. This may be the most overlooked element of baseball handicapping out here in Las Vegas. Bettors look at won-lost records. They look at starting pitchers. But, they don't really have a concept of the best and worst offenses. They "think" they know. But, what they think is usually caused by home ballparks rather than the quality of offenses. Teams who play in pitcher's parks are seen as having bad offenses (when they're often average or a little better). Teams who play in hitter's parks are seen as having great offenses (when they're often below average when you put them in another park). Hopefully I haven't said too much already. Please take some time this weekend to really study offenses!
  • Ballpark assistance. Sometimes this would relate to a home team that's particularly well suited to its local ballpark (a home run team in a bandbox for example, or a team with great strikeout pitchers in a park with poor evening visibility). Other times, I'm looking at a road that's well suited to its environment. I did very well in the recent IL past taking AL home teams in the NL bandbox stadiums for example. The point is, I want some "bonus" edges that probably aren't being factored into the line. Vegas oddsmakers completely overlook this particular angle in my view. In Interleague play, it may be the single most important factor in determining who wins or loses a game!
  • Motivation! In other sports this would rank #1. That's certainly true when I'm releasing a big underdog UPSET CALL. I want a fired up underdog and a flat favorite in football and basketball. Here in the Bases, motivation doesn't have quite the same effect because the season is so long...and because it's hard to hit a 95-mph fastball no matter how fired up you are. Motivation matters in some games though, and it occasionally matters A LOT (like, say, if a team is playing an opponent they don't care about today, but has a BIG NAME opponent tomorrow in a new series).

We're also to the point in the season where some lesser teams are getting discouraged. They might not bring the needed motivation to the field every day. I'll happily go against them with opponents who are on a good roll...particularly if I have pitching and offensive advantages or a ballpark edge in my favor. In fact, one of my biggest plays Saturday or Sunday will very likely be going against a team that I think won't be as focused as needed.

I have other tricks up my sleeve. I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS after all. But, the blueprint outlined above will help you refocus on the fundamentals as you handicap baseball this weekend and through the rest of the season. If you've been losing, you'll start winning. If you've been winning a little, you'll start winning a lot.

And...if you want to win REALLY BIG, you should purchase my baseball plays this weekend here at the website. Games will go up early because there's so much day action. I've got great rates for my MLB BEAT THE MONEYLINE CLUB too. What you win today and tomorrow will pay for the full season. If you have any questions, call my office at 1-877-766-8946. Be sure to check on my earlybird football packages when you call. Lock yourself in now at the lowest rates that will be available.

I'm ready for what could turn out to be one of the biggest money-making weekends of the entire calendar year. I hope you're ready to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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