Wayne Root: Get Ready for IL Shockers



I've made the comment several times that I'm the only handicapper with a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Las Vegas...and that if, an oddsmaker ever gets one, his will be a few steps behind mine. Just like in real life!

Vegas oddsamkers are always several steps behind developments in Interleague Play. It's amazing to see time and time again moneylines that have little to do with the currently reality of what's happening in Major League baseball. What's also amazing is how little the general public understands what's currently happening in baseball. They're just as surprised as the oddsmakers are with "shockers" that really shouldn't have stunned anyone.

The best example of this was a few years ago when the American League was dominating. It was easy to see statistically, empirically, and with your own eyeballs when you watched the games that the AL had much more talent. That was true with pitchers and offenses. The AL was MUCH better.


  • Oddsmakers priced the NL like they were better.
  • Oddsmakers released power ratings that had seven of the top teams in the majors being in the NL when it was more like two or three.
  • Oddsmakers would be quoted in the media about how either...the NL was better...or the leagues were about even...though the final scores would come in each day showing big routs for the AL teams.

I mean...there were years where the LAST PLACE teams in the AL had better IL records than the first place teams in the NL did! Talk about easy money.

Last year, oddsmakers finally decided the AL was better, ignoring all the starting pitching that had come over to the NL from the AL...and the strong young talent in the NL that had been developed by multiple franchises...leaving them once again behind the curve. The AL barely won the full season challenge because Pittsburgh and Houston of the NL were so horrible last year. Several NL teams had big profit performances because oddsmakers weren't in synch with reality.

I've already seen the same thing happening this year in the first weekend of IL play a few weeks ago. I'm on a great run lately in the bases (3-0 again Monday Night, and 20 of the last 29 have been winners!) because I'm really in synch with all the teams and pitchers. That makes me EXTREMELY confident about my IL picks for this weekend. And, that's saying something because I'M ALWAYS VERY CONFIDENT TO BEGIN WITH!

I'm not going to talk much in my web articles about specific teams and pitchers these next few weeks because I want to protect my most potent weapons for my clients. I do have at least 4-5 teams I'm looking at for big profit potential because of how they're playing now and the schedules they're facing. I'm looking at 4-5 more who I expect to struggle. I have maybe three dozen rotation starters circled for probable play over the next few weeks when they line up with an IL opponent who will have big troubles dealing with their stuff. I also have some proven strategies for rivalry series that get the money year after year.

If you've been thinking about signing up for my baseball, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR MOVE!

We'll set the table Thursday with day and night plays in the normal NL and AL schedule. Then, Friday, we'll hit the ground running with one of my biggest baseball releases so far this year in an IL game. Then, GAME OF THE YEAR caliber selections will continue all weekend, and all through the rest of June.

This Week's RIVALRY Games:
Florida at Tampa Bay
San Francisco at Oakland
Baltimore at Washington
Kansas City at St. Louis

This Week's MARQUEE Games:
NY Yankees at Chicago Cubs
Milwaukee at Boston
Texas at Atlanta
LA Angels at NY Mets
Philadelphia at Seattle

Vegas oddsmakers are in for a shock once again. They'll figure out next year what I already know this year! Some of those teams I just listed are going to be big disappointments. Here's a hint. One is going to be the SHOCK THE SYSTEM team of the month!

This is not the time to sit around your house and complain about the weather. It's time to make some money. It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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