Wayne Root: Pressing up Your Winnings



As many of you are aware, I've been on a fantastic run in the NBA Playoffs the past few weeks. I fully expect it to continue through the conference championships and the league finals. I'm also aware that, if I'm not pressing up my bet sizes as I go along, I'm leaving money on the table.

You've probably heard Vegas handicappers emphasizing the importance of money management to you for years. There's a reason for this. IT'S IMPORTANT! And, there's a second reason. MOST OF YOU DO A HORRIBLE JOB AT IT!

It's been proven in sports betting, in blackjack, in poker, in any legal gambling proposition where you have an edge to begin with.

  • You cut back during periods of bad luck when you're betting your own money and lady luck isn't smiling on you.
  • You bet more aggressively when playing with "other people's money," (whether it's what you won from a sportsbook, a dealer, or other poker players at your table).

That combination puts you in position to lose small with your own money...but win big with what started out as other people's money. After an extended betting period, you'll show a profit even with the slightest of winning percentages. If your good streak was longer than your bad streak, you'll show a BIG profit. Do that for several years, and you're living the high life. Do that for a couple of decades, and you'll even have a chance to be THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

For some reason, the typical gambler goes in the opposite direction. As I've said in the past...and as casino operators will confirm...Vegas exists because gamblers don't know how to bet properly. They get aggressive at the worst possible time. If things are going well, they get passive.

Let me explain.

  • If a gambler is on a losing streak, what is he most likely to do? Chase his losses! He just can't believe his bad fortune will continue. And, a log of gamblers have an arrogance about them that actually convinces them they're about to win big. They start betting BIGGER during a bad streak, bringing gambler's ruin on quickly. Worse, they're doing this with the rent money, or maybe their kid's college money. They're not risking money that was somebody else's earlier in the day. They may be risking their future. Horrible choice!
  • If a gambler is on a winning streak, he wants to pocket his money and feel like a winner. I've seen too many bettors stop when they still have a big edge. I've seen others cut way back on their bet sizes figuring they'll still be way up if they lose a few plays. Conservatism may be a great way to protect a fortune (and I'm the guy who wrote a book called "The Millionaire Republican!"). But you have to be aggressive when trying to build your fortune. You may feel good stopping after a 4-1 run. Hey, who can complain about 80%? Well, if you were destined for a 14-6 run, you cost yourself a lot of money. That's a 10-5 record you DIDN'T bet because you wanted to feel good about a nice little hot streak. You missed out on a bigger hot streak. You may have missed out on even 20-10 or 35-18.

Quite often, those two examples are the same guy! He stays very conservative during a hot streak, and doesn't profit nearly as much as he should have. When things go cold...THEN he starts betting big to get back in the race, and loses everything. Multiply that story by several thousand people, over a few decades, in games like roulette and craps (where you don't even have an edge to begin with so you shouldn't play) along with sports betting, roulette, and poker...and you can see why Las Vegas has such big fancy buildings.

My NBA clients are rolling in cash now, and we're going to go for the motherlode in these next several days. I have big plays planned in both the Miami-Chicago and Oklahoma City-Dallas series. Between the sides and totals, the market has a blown line up on the board virtually every single night. I'm also looking forward to Interleague play in baseball this weekend. That's one of my specialties. You can bet that I'm really excited about the Yankees-Mets series since my roots are in New York. I hope you'll consider joining me for BOTH sports this week, along with the Preakness in horse racing.

You can purchase my top plays every day here at the website. Or, if you want to ask about designing a package that best suits your individual needs, call the office at 1-877-766-8946.

My documented record already makes it clear that you'll do well with my picks. But, during a HOT STREAK LIKE THIS, you definitely want to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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