Wayne Root: Vegas Reeling From NBA Upsets



That was fast!

The gambling world felt a definite SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM right off the bat in the second round of the NBA playoffs when series favorites Oklahoma City, Chicago, and the Los Angeles Lakers couldn't even win their home openers!

I've always told you that surprises like this are much more common than everyone realizes. If you expect the favorites to get the job done, they'll cost you money more often than not. Even if they DO get the job done in terms of straight up wins, they'll have trouble covering inflated pointspreads. If you focus your investments on smart underdogs, you'll earn some surprising straight up wins, and you'll cover all the near misses too because those inflated lines are helping you out.

Putting those percentages in my favor is how I became THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

In their series openers, Memphis, Atlanta, and Dallas didn't even need the points. They won straight up by 13, 8, and 2 points respectively, beating Vegas expectations by 20, 17, and 8 points respectively. That's a combined 45-point cover over the three upsets! I can't tell you how many people I saw in sportsbooks Sunday and Monday scratching their heads. And, I'm talking about bettors AND oddsmakers.

Lakers fans were particularly disconsolate. They just can't figure out what's happening with this team. Las Vegas is a virtual suburb of Los Angeles given the ease of travel these days. Fans were sure they were safe when the Lakers were up 16 points in the third quarter. In fact, many were already talking championship because nobody can touch the Lakers when they're playing at their best. By the end of the night, some sportsbooks looked like a zombie movie. Everyone on the Lakers -6 lost money. Everyone rooting for the Lakers to win the series knew that they were going to be in for another battle.

Do these early upsets mean that series upsets are imminent?

No, there are no sure things in sports. New Orleans beat the Lakers in Game One last round and didn't survive the series. Underdogs went 7-1 ATS in the first games of the first round, yet we only had two series upsets (Atlanta and Memphis). I do think circumstances are hinting at more surprises though.

  • Chicago's Derrick Rose is breaking down. He hurt his ankle again in the final seconds Monday Night vs. Atlanta. If he's not at 100%, the Bulls are far from a sure thing to advance. They struggled vs. Indiana before he got hurt!
  • The Lakers' Kobe Bryant is also dealing with an ankle issue. It didn't affect his shooting vs. Dallas, but it did keep him from driving at the basket. All of his shots were jumpers. The West is so tough this year that the Lakers probably need Kobe at full strength every step of the way if they want to survive the gauntlet.
  • Oklahoma City has real troubles inside in terms of slowing down the size and power of Memphis. The Spurs never solved the riddle, and fell as a top seed. Oklahoma City needs to figure out how to win four games when San Antonio could only manage one win in regulation.
  • Miami avoided the upset bug in series openers, but is still dealing with a veteran foe who knows how to play their best ball in the postseason. Boston will have something special in store for the Heat this weekend in Beantown, and is capable of stealing a win on the road too.

It's been a great playoffs so far for underdog players. And, if you've picked your spots well with the occasional favorite, you're really cleaning up. If YOU are like most Vegas gamblers right now, you've had that reversed. You've been chasing favorites, then doubling up when they didn't cover. Ouch!

Stop the losing!

I've got a very big play going Wednesday Night in the NBA playoffs...and the stage is set for at least one major release in hoops Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can purchase those right here at the website with your credit card. Or, sign up for the rest of the playoffs and get all of my top plays. If you have any questions, call my office at 1-877-766-8946. Be sure to check on Major League Baseball and Triple Crown horse racing when you call.

Don't be one of the zombies that limps out of a sportsbook after a loss. Head to the pay window because you went to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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