Wayne Root: Planning Early NBA Shockers



It's never to early to start scoping out UPSET SPECIALS!

In fact, that's possibly the biggest key to my success over the years. I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I'm always on the lookout for SHOCK THE SYSTEM possibilities. I don't wait for them to sneak up from behind and tap me on the shoulder. I'm looking down the road at the schedules. I'm studying the intangibles that will be in play in future matchups. I'm looking at depth to calculate when and where shorthanded teams may start to wear down.

Now that all 16 teams are known for the upcoming NBA playoffs, I'm already thinking about series and game underdog possibilities for the first round. We don't have all the matchups yet. But, we have a pretty good sense of who will be playing whom.

Here are some of my initial thoughts about playoff strategies for next week. I can't get too specific because I have to project information for my clients. And, next week, I'll probably be even less specific for that reason. So, SAVE this article and keep it handy once the postseason is set to begin!

  • As I mentioned last time we were together, I'm looking closely at the New York Knicks for a first round series upset. I'd like their chances better against Boston than against Miami. And, I have to admit that the team's poor play on offense late in close games is a concern. Once push comes to shove, I may pick the Knicks (+) in particular games rather than calling for a series upset. Maybe they won't win a series 4-3 or 4-2 in terms of straight up victories. But, they can COVER four of six or four of seven even if they lose. That's what matters most to Vegas bettors.
  • I'm not optimistic about either Philadelphia or Indiana as underdogs in the first round. Maybe if they're underdogs in their first home games (Game Three's of their respective first round series) I'll ask for a peak effort. I don't think either team is ready yet to truly compete with a league power.
  • I've been very down on Atlanta this year, who will be a series underdog to Orlando in the first round. But, Orlando's body language and team spirit have gotten so bad lately that I'll have to think about the Hawks as a first round possibility.
  • In the West, my first plan is to go against Dallas in the first round regardless of who they're playing. This is a team that's only built for the regular season in the best of times. Some recent injuries have led to poor play against all quality opponents. They just lost at home to Denver on Wednesday Night. Their last road game against the Lakers was a true debacle. We may not know until the very last day who Dallas will be playing. I expect to fade them either in the series or in many first round games.
  • I'm looking to take Portland and/or Memphis in the first round at value prices depending on who they face. I probably won't buck the Lakers because they were very impressive during that 17-1 stretch they just completed. LA wanted the #2 seed because the brackets are easier, so I'm not surprised they called off the dogs a bit. I think Portland or Memphis will offer pointspread and series price value against Dallas or San Antonio.

Again, I can't get too specific. But, I will say that I like taking underdogs in the game after a straight up loss. You're going to get a big effort most of the time. And, you may find a relaxed favorite who loses their fire after a win. A quality dog after losing two straight is often a great play. I like defensive dogs rather than those who have to make a lot of three-pointers to get the money for you. I like dogs who hustle on the boards too because they'll get you second chance points, and they'll usually play at least one great defensive game in a series that shuts down the favored opponent.

You can sign up now for my NBA Playoff package and enjoy these last few days of the regular season as part of the package. My game day releases are always on sale here at the website for credit card purchase. If you have any questions call my office at 1-877-766-8946.

Oh, don't forget about baseball! My New York roots could definitely come into play this weekend with the first Yankees/Red Sox series of the season. I love early season baseball because there are SHOCKING possibilities all over the board. You've already seen all the TV pundits scratching their heads about the slow starts of the Red Sox, Rays, Cardinals, and Giants. How about Baltimore, Toronto, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh being near the top of their divisions?

Betting on the consensus of media pundits will make you go broke. Betting on SHOCK THE SYSTEM upsets just might earn you a star on the "Walk of Fame" in the gambling capital of the world! It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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