Wayne Root - Can Knicks Shock the NBA?



You know me as THE KING OF LAS VEGAS! But, I earned my handicapping chops growing up in New York. I still follow all the area pro and college teams very closely. My insights into East Coast sports (along with the connections I still have in the area) have helped my clients and I earn a few fortunes over the years.

Obviously, when the New York Knicks made that big trade a few weeks ago for Carmelo Anthony, the part of me that's a fan was very excited. I knew it wasn't a sure thing to be a success story right off the bat. The team was going to be defensively challenged. The trade eliminated much of their depth. And, it would take awhile for Anthony and Amare Stoudemire to learn how to share the ball. All of that, combined with a jam-packed March schedule that had them playing seemingly every night led to a slump that had the nation's pundits in a tizzy.

Well, let me tell you something. Regardless of what you've seen from the Knicks over the past month, this team is fully capable of pulling off a first round shocker. Consider:

  • The lack of depth won't matter as much in the playoffs because the schedule is so spread out. No back-to-backs. Often TWO days off before playing instead of just one. The best Knicks will get most of the minutes, and that's a big deal when you're best players are all-stars.
  • The lack of defense will still be a concern, but it's easier to play defense on fresh legs when you KNOW you're season is on the line. New York actually had some good defensive games right after the trade. The players were fired up. The schedule wasn't too demanding. You may recall New York winning outright at Miami with a good defensive showing. Remember, in a playoff series, you only have to play well four games in seven. Don't rule the Knicks out because of defense.
  • The veteran experience REALLY matters in the postseason. Chauncey Billups has played a playoff game or two. And, we're talking about guys who are going to get the calls late in close games. Billups shoots a lot of free throws for a point guard. Anthony and Stoudemire attack the basket.
  • There's a chance that New York will draw Boston in the first round. And, Boston is in a bit of a funk lately. They traded Kendrick Perkins, one of the most popular warriors on the team. They patiently waited for Shaquille O'Neal to get healthy...only to realize that probably won't happen because he'll just get hurt again when he comes back. Boston is ripe for a first round upset whether they're matched up with New York or Philadelphia.
  • If New York doesn't play Boston, it will be Miami. That's far from a great draw...but the Knicks did beat the Heat down in Florida.

Let's say New York isn't quite ready yet for a SHOCK THE SYSTEM first round series win. They're best days are in 2012 and beyond. I believe the team is STILL capable of covering spreads in the first round. And, that's what matters most in Las Vegas! The media has gone from hyping this team to telling everyone they don't have a chance. The public listens to the media (and has lost some money of their own during the early struggles). Few will be supporting the Knicks in the legal betting markets just at the time they'll make the most sense as a value play.

I'll be watching Wednesday's New York/Philadelphia game closely for some insight about what might be ahead in the playoffs. It's a back-to-back for both teams though, so we may not get one or both at their best. I do expect to see the Knicks at their best later in the month.

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There are going to be some great games this week in the NBA that will whet your appetite for the postseason. Along with Knicks/Sixers on Wednesday, there's Denver/Dallas. Thursday brings Boston/Chicago in what could be a steel cage wrestling match. Friday features Lakers/Portland and Denver/Oklahoma City. Sunday's ABC doubleheader is Chicago/Orlando and Boston/Miami!

It's going to be a great week...and the playoff wars are just around the corner in the NBA. Make sure you go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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