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Now that the Duke Blue Devils are out of the March Madness Tournament, we know that Baseball is here. They departed earlier than normal this year. They are usually around until the opening week of Baseball. With that in mind, let's take a quick refresher class on Wayne Allyn Root's Rules for Betting Baseball.

1) The first thing WAR does is check for the starting pitching rotation BEFORE the first game of the series. Wayne wants to see how the match-ups are laid out.

2) The second thing is to check for any streaks; whether winning or losing, WAR wants to be on top of that stat. Baseball is a game of streaks more than any other sport.

3) The third thing WAR has on his desk each morning is each team's relief pitchers' total number of pitches thrown from the previous night's game.

4) WAR also pulls up the umpire rotations to find out the home plate umpire. The entire series rotation will be published on the first day of the series with the umpire at first base rotating to home plate the following night and continuing in that pattern.

5) And finally, the wind and weather reports are brought up from the weather stations.

A key here early in the season:

1) Don't go all out betting on starting pitchers for the 1st two weeks of the season...they may only pitch 5 or 6 innings.

2) Clearly focus on the bullpens (especially "the closer"). Know the previous days pitch counts.

3) There are many opportunities to grab an easy over/under winner early in the season-- based on the relief pitchers and the home plate umpires, combined with the place the starting pitcher is in the 4 man rotation.

As the season continues to add meaningful statistics, WAR is on top of the following in every contest:

Hits and Walks per inning Pitched: This is the pitcher's ratio of hits plus walks per inning pitched. A Ratio of 1.00 or less is Excellent; from 1.25 to 1.40 is Average; from 1.60 to 1.75 is Bad; above 1.75 often signals either a play AGAINST that pitcher or OVER on the total. 

Pitchers Control: This is an indication of the pitcher's control as measured by walks per inning pitched.

Pitchers Immediate Value: This is a numerical evaluation of a pitcher's overall performance, with a value of 50 or higher indicating a solid performer.

Pitchers Power Rating: This is the pitcher's overall Power Rating with 60 or higher indicating All Star quality, while 40 or below is a sign of major weakness.

Quality Starts: This is the number and ratio of "quality starts" with rotations pitching at least 6 innings and allowing no more than 2 earned runs

Home Plate Umpire: This is one of the most consistent stats in all of sports. Each umpire has his "own strike zone" and stays with it. Some strike zones are set so that "the under" is played more times than not. Or visa versa. Many strike zones are set because of the physical size of the home plate umpire.

ERA: This is a pitcher's Earned Run Average as a starter.
Teams W/L record with this Pitcher: This is a team's record in all games started by that pitcher.

Net Profit and Loss: This is Profit/Loss of backing the Pitcher in each of his starts.

Expected runs allowed by Starter: This is "expected runs" to be allowed by the pitcher based on historical and statistical factors.

What's ahead: Remember that there are over 4800 baseball games...before the playoffs. It's imperative to start off slow and steady. To get a feel for the starting rotations. To see if the bookmakers are shaving lines, or favoring strong teams from last year.

It is also to monitor pitchers, keeping in mind that they will pitch just over half a game. The coaching staff will protect their arm and keep their stars from throwing too many pitches.

Additionally we want to make sure that bettors understand that cold weather will limit a pitcher to pitching fewer innings, so we must really handicap the relief pitchers.

Betting Parlays: There's nothing like betting a baseball parlay. It used to be true that when you'd buy $3000 worth of stock and made $450 (14% return), you'd sell and be happy with your profit. When betting baseball parlay's, you'll find yourself betting $300 to WIN $3850 or so. Be sure to log into Wayne Root to get on board these parlays. Naturally, you'll want to bet the games straight up, but it's the 3 and 4 team parlays paying over 12-1 that creates the excitement...and all you have to do is win the game. No points to lay.

I'll cover the strategy of betting parlays next week, so be sure to read these and other articles week after week.

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Enjoy "America's Pasttime!"

Wayne Allyn Root

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