Wayne Root: A Taste of the Tournaments



The kinds of games you're going to be watching (and winning) next week in the major conference tournaments are already all over the board Saturday and Sunday in the last big weekend of the regular season. On the final Saturday I have my COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME OF THE YEAR ready to win, and win big. Click here.

Seriously, ALL of these games could end up being semi-finals or finals next week depending on how the brackets shape up.

  • Duke at North Carolina on CBS. They're playing for the ACC regular season championship tonight. They may be playing for the ACC tournament championship next week. It wouldn't be a shock if one of them was playing for the national championship in a month. Duke is the defending national champion and would love to repeat.
  • Louisville at West Virginia, Notre Dame at Connecticut, and Villanova at Pittsburgh could all be previews of matchups for next week in the Big East tournament. Scramble 'em up, and you may be looking at a semifinal or a final (though Syracuse, St. John's, and a few others would have something to say about that). You can be certain that EACH of those six TV teams for Saturday think of themselves of at least Sweet 16 caliber in the Big Dance. And, it wouldn't be a shocker if somebody from that list was playing for the national title down the road.
  • Kansas at Missouri and Texas at Baylor may be previews for the Big 12 tournament next week. The two league powers will be tested on the road before heading to Kansas City for the final event as a 12-team league (Nebraska and Colorado are leaving for greener pastures). Can Kansas or Texas go deep in the Dance? They'll both have to get over a knack for early disappointments for that to be the case. Baylor made a deep run last year. Is it Missouri's turn to be a Dance darkhorse in 2011?
  • Wisconsin at Ohio State on Sunday will give us a great sense of what the Big 10 tournament is going to be like. Those two and Purdue are favorites to win next week in Indianapolis. All are hoping for big things in the NCAA tournament too.

I can assure you I'll be parked in front of the TV all weekend because I know I'll learn things that will help be pick big play winners from this point forward. IT'S MARCH! I need to see how these top contenders perform under pressure in the March spotlight. In my view, a new season starts TODAY because the players know it's time to produce.

I will have some SHOCK THE SYSTEM releases Saturday and Sunday for my clients that may involve these very games (though it's a huge card and I'm not limited to only playing TV games!). What I learn this weekend will lead to even more through the major conference tournaments next week, and the NCAA Tournament in two weeks time.

I'm the KING OF LAS VEGAS because I know how to win...and I know how to PREPARE to win. GAMES OF THE YEAR and PERFECT PLAYS don't fall down from the sky. They don't grow on trees. I have to use my analysis, my contacts, and my years of experience to FIND and BET them when Vegas oddsmamkers put up bad numbers. Don't miss my COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME OF THE YEAR, which goes Saturday.

If you spend today and tomorrow rooting for your leans and not learning anything...you'll be throwing your money away for a month. If you sign up with WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, you'll be cashing ticket after ticket from the only man in the industry who's earned a star on the Vegas "Walk of Fame."

My weekend selections will go up early in the day because of the starting times. You can purchase those right here at the website with your credit card. Or, sign up for the rest of the season today and enjoy big savings over the day-to-day cost. If you have any question about which of my clubs best suits your personal needs, call my office at 1-877-766-8946.

Duke will go to war Saturday Night with North Carolina. Kansas-Missouri is called a border war. I've just started my annual March Madness war with the sportsbooks. It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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