Wayne Root: Bookie Buster Weekend



The media always refers to this as "Bracket Buster" weekend, because the college basketball schedule is jam packed with games involving mid major teams hoping to score meaningful non-conference victories vs. other mid majors.

But, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT calls it BOOKIE BUSTER WEEKEND because it may be the single easiest weekend of the entire season for beating the Las Vegas sportsbooks in college hoops.

Why is that?

  • Last week I told you about the mid-February doldrums that often hit highly regarded teams. That very day #1 Ohio State would lose to Wisconsin in a GAME OF THE YEAR winner for myself and my clients. Monday, the NEW #1 team Kansas would lose badly to Kansas State. It's very tough for big name programs to play at their best night in and night out in mid-February when they know MARCH is just around the corner.

If you're a Vegas oddsmaker, how can you possibly put the right number on a game involving a highly regarded team? Sportsbooks actually made Wisconsin a small favorite last week, even though Ohio State was undefeated at the time! They were moving in the right direction but still couldn't peg the game correctly. Could they have made Kansas State a home favorite over one-loss (at the time) Kansas? The mid-February doldrums are a reality. And oddsmakers can't capture that reality without posting numbers that would give them extremely one-sided action.

  • A few days ago I talked about "bubble" teams. The media isn't talking about it yet. But, history says we're going to see some teams nobody's paying much attention to making very strong runs over the next week and a half because they HAVE to do that to have a shot at the Big Dance. The lines will adjust in late February or early March once ESPN starts spotlighting these teams. Right now, it represents another group of teams who will be mispriced by Vegas.
  • Today, it's an incredible day of Bracket Busters that forces oddsmakers to be right about EVERY team in underpublicized mid major conferences...and to be right in how they've gauged the relative strengths of EVERY conference. Have they overrated the Missouri Valley and underrated the Big West? What about the Colonial or the MAC? Sharp handicappers who really follow these conferences and teams have a tremendous edge. Vegas oddsmakers have to focus on the big TV leagues because that's where the betting action is. Smart analysts can focus on whoever they want to find the best value.

I can't get too specific about Saturday and Sunday because I need to protect the information for my clients. But I can tell you that I have found at least 3-4 games where I believe the wrong team is favored, and just as many where good teams have been badly underpriced in their weekend schedule spot. There WILL be GAME OF THE YEAR caliber selections on both days. There WILL be SHOCK THE SYSTEM results on both days. ESPN studio guys will be scratching their heads and marveling at the topsy turvy nature of college basketball. Vegas oddsmakers will be scratching their heads and moaning about the big losses they suffered. They thought the Super Bowl was disappointing!

I know many of you prefer waiting to March to get involved because you love the thrills and excitement of tournament basketball. Hey, I do too. But, I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I know how to maximize my edge and my bankroll. Mid-February is truly a sweet spot on the schedule for legal sports bettors. Oddsmakers are at our mercy! And, every dollar you make between now and March will be multiplied several times over in the conference tournaments, the NIT, and the NCAA Tournament.

I have a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Las Vegas. I'm the only man in the industry to be so honored. I've always said if an oddsmaker ever does get a star, his will be way behind mine because I'm always a few steps ahead of the oddsmakers! In mid-February, it's more like a few streets ahead. Maybe another zip code. I proved that to you last weekend. I'll do it again Saturday and Sunday.

You can purchase my weekend plays right here at the website with your credit card. I also have seasonal rates that take you through MARCH MADNESS at a great price. If you need some help picking out the package that best suits your needs, call my office at 1-877-766-8946.

Whether you won with me last week on my big plays, or you gritted your teeth after hearing how great they did...please make sure you go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT this weekend!


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