Wayne Root: I Love Valentine?s Week



No, I'm not going to sing "Every Winner Begins With W." But, I want you to be aware that the days before and the week of Valentines are historically very strong for me as a SHOCK THE SYSTEM handicapper.

And, it has NOTHING to do with Valentine's!

It has to do with the middle of February being an "emotionally" quiet month for college basketball contenders. Your wife or girlfriend's emotions are running high. For college basketball players, attention and intensity start to waver.

Here are the top priority periods for highly regarded programs in a typical college basketball season:

  • NOVEMBER: because the season is starting and that's as exciting as it gets for a kid who's been waiting months for a chance to get on the floor in front of big crowd intensity. Whatever your personal favorite sport is, you know how excited you get on opening day. Imagine a college kid who's lived basketball his entire life getting fired up for the first few weeks of the season. PEAK INTENSITY! You'll note that many of the superpowers post great records in November and December because their players are so focused. This is also the point where legs are the freshest. Nobody's been grinded down by a gauntlet of physical matchups.
  • JANUARY: conference play starts, which gets the juices flowing because there's added pressure on every game. There are no cupcakes. There are no gifts. You lose, and it matters. Of course, with veteran teams, rivalry intensity has built up as well. Many January games may not matter to you, but they matter to juniors and seniors on big name teams. Fatigue isn't much of an issue yet because most teams have a break through the holidays.
  • MARCH: this should be obvious. You have the final days of the regular season as everyone builds towards the tournaments...then you have the conference tournaments with all the hype and hoopla that those entail...followed by the Big Dance. November may be the month that the kids are most excited about...but March is the month they remember for the rest of their lives. Successes or failures. It's as big time as this sport gets.

You'll notice February isn't on the list. And, mid-February represents the biggest lull. The start of conference play is way back in the rearview mirror, and the excitement of that has worn off. March is coming up....like Christmas for schoolchildren. The players on the best teams naturally start looking ahead to March rather than focusing on the task at hand in mid-February.

And, this is the one point in a college season where the grind starts to wear on players. Conference games are physical. There hasn't been a rest break since around New Year's. Intensity is starting to lag just as everyone is getting tired.

As a result, many high profile teams start to play badly. They don't crash the boards as hard. They lose track of their defensive assignments. They drift back into one-on-one ball on offense rather than working for a good shot. They miss shots they used to make. They take shots they should pass up. And, they get yelled at a lot by their coaches! That can make things even worse.

This happened last year. It happens every year. And, you're going to see a lot of surprising results this Saturday and Sunday...then all through Valentine's Week because IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN!

I'm not suggesting that every single favored power is going down. But, the number of upsets will be noticeable. The number of coaches saying, "Well, THAT was our worst game of the year," will surprise you. The TV pundits will be scratching their heads, and making excuses for teams they've been hyping the past several weeks. Hopefully the number of upset winners will make you rich!

No singing...but every big money weekend starts with a call to WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

You can sign up for my service by calling the office at 1-877-766-8946. Or, take care of business right here at the website. Game day selections go up a few hours before first tip from Saturday through Friday. I've got great seasonal rates that offer the best value because you get the most bang for your buck.

I have something VERY special planned for you Saturday and Sunday, with the schedule of marquee TV games in particular offering some great opportunities. If you haven't tried out my basketball yet, this the perfect time to get started.

Sign up with WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, and you'll love Valentine's Week as much as I do!


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