Wayne Root: Spurs, Lakers Still Rule the West



There's been so much focus on the NBA's three most hyped teams...the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics...that it's been easy to miss how great the San Antonio Spurs have been playing.

The Spurs visit the Lakers Thursday Night in a national TV game on TNT that may give us a great sense of what the playoffs are going to look like.

  • The Lakers have already lost home games to Miami and Boston (as well as Sacramento, and Memphis, and Milwaukee, and Indiana!). There have been rumblings about possible trades, and the need for everyone to man up again because they've gotten soft (not Kobe Bryant, who's a warrior playing on a bad knee, but everyone else!) An overtime win over Houston Tuesday Night helped quiet things down. But, if you're going overtime at home to beat Houston, you've still got some troubles!
  • The Spurs have looked like champions all year. Their main stars-Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker- have stayed healthy. Those guys are very tough to beat when healthy! But, the team made some very intelligent moves in the offseason that have shored up the supporting cast. It's been three years since San Antonio reached the finals. They know time is running out on the Duncan era. You can tell they've been proactive about getting things done before it's too late.

You may not realize that it's been either the Lakers or the Spurs representing the West in all but one NBA championship series here in the new century.

1998-1999 San Antonio (beat New York)
1999-2000 Los Angeles (beat Indiana)
2000-2001 Los Angeles (beat Philadelphia)
2001-2002 Los Angeles (beat New Jersey)
2002-2003 San Antonio (beat New Jersey)
2003-2004 Los Angeles (lost to Detroit)
2004-2005 San Antonio (beat Detroit)
2005-2006 Dallas (lost to Miami)
2006-2007 San Antonio (beat Cleveland)
2007-2008 Los Angeles (lost to Boston)
2008-2009 Los Angeles (beat Orlando)
2009-2010 Los Angeles (beat Boston)

That's 11 of 12 seasons where either the Lakers or Spurs won the West...and they would go on to win the championship in nine of those 11 visits.

And, Tim Duncan was the MVP of that 1998-99 championship series. He's been a force in the league that long.

Well, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has been a force in the handicapping world even longer! I don't think of myself as an old man. I started out young, and made a mark for myself immediately. As you've seen with the Spurs and the Lakers during their runs...if you're better than everyone else, you can dominate for a very long time! I've done just that here in Las Vegas. I'm the only man in the industry with a star on the Walk of Fame. And, in my opinion, I'm just getting started!

Professional athletes only have so many years to perform at a peak level. I don't have to worry about my knees going. But, my experience and strategies will continue to represent the best in the field for as long as I'm in the field.

I may or not have a big play in Thursday's Spurs-Lakers game. You can be certain a MAJOR RELEASE is on the basketball card though. We also have Miami-Orlando in the NBA, and the Western conferences that I've owned for years in the colleges are on the slate as well. Wednesday night we built our Super Bowl bankroll a little higher when I went 4-1 overall in college basketball, winning my Perfect Play with Virginia, going 2-1 with my Moneymaker Plays, and winning the Millionaire's Club with LaSalle against Temple.

My clients and I will keep building our bankrolls for Sunday's Super Bowl (which I'll discuss in more depth the next time we're together this weekend), with big basketball plays Friday Night and all day Saturday. Look for another PERFECT PLAY, and at least one more CONFERENCE GAME OF THE YEAR between now and the Packers-Steelers kickoff.

I'M THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I know how to find winners AND maximize profits!

Will the Lakers get things turned around in time to earn a three-peat? Will the Spurs earn their fourth championship of the Duncan era? Will tonight's result be a sign of things to come, or a trivial note in the scorebook that nobody will remember come June? WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has the answers...which is why WAYNE ALLYN ROOT'S customers make so much money!


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