Wayne Root: Crazy Things Happen Over Christmas!



Strange things happen around the holidays in the world of sports. As a handicapper, it's YOUR job to try and profit from any SHOCK THE SYSTEM developments!

I can say this with confidence because it happens every year. Last year provided a great example, as there were games that missed the Vegas spread by a mile in either direction.

Arizona (-16) beat St. Louis 31-10
Green Bay (-14) beat Seattle 48-10
New England (-10) beat Jacksonville 35-7
Atlanta (-9) beat Buffalo 31-3
Dallas (-7) beat Washington 17-0

What a bunch of yawners. The networks were switching the TV audiences to other games. The combined final score of those five blowouts was 162-30. (And, can you believe that the 16-point and 14-point underdogs on that list are now tied for FIRST in their division!).

You're probably thinking, "Well, of course, bad teams don't show up over the holidays because they're rather be home with their families...it's only natural that favorites will win by big scores."

Oh yea, that about THESE?

Tampa Bay (+14) beat New Orleans 20-17
Carolina (+9) beat the NY Giants 41-9
Chicago (+9) beat Minnesota 36-30
San Diego (+3) beat Tennessee 42-17
NY Jets (+3) beat Indianapolis 29-15

Talk about SHOCK THE SYSTEM scores! You probably remember the Tampa Bay game...where the New Orleans owner started his victory dance in the luxury boxes a bit too soon. Carolina covered its spread by more than 40 points! All five of those teams listed covered their spreads by more than two touchdowns.

You see...Christmas Week can provide distractions for EVERY team, not just bad underdogs who are going through the motions. High quality teams who think they can relax a bit and still keep winning are often in for a rude surprise. Teams who are nervous about playoff races make too many mistakes against a loosey-goosey team that's just out there having fun.

Be prepared NOW for a replay over Christmas Weekend 2010. CRAZY THINGS ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN!

Can you isolate the ugly underdogs who are most likely NOT to show up? Maybe we'll see another 48-14 type slaughter, and a few 31-3 or 35-7 type games. Maybe we'll see something even worse? I've spotted at least two underdogs who may be down 3-4 touchdowns by halftime.

Can you isolate which favorites may take their foot off the gas a week too soon? It probably won't be last year's victims because teams learn from their mistakes. There's a new set of teams ready to make some mistakes! I definitely see some trouble spots ahead this week for some playoff contenders. I'm hesitant to provide any hints. Let's just say that you shouldn't ask fatigued contenders to string together great performances a few weeks in a row.

You can see from the final scores that Vegas oddsmakers are completely at the mercy of smart handicapping this week. The lines just don't matter that much. We're going to see blowout wins, and underdog shockers that miss the number by more than two touchdowns just because that's the nature of emotions around the holidays. Flat, disinterested, or unprepared teams won't play to expectations around a holiday. Motivated, focused, well-prepared teams can name the score against that kind of opponent.

I expect Saturday Night's Dallas-Arizona matchup to be the first example of this. I can't tell you here in my web article which way I'm going. I do expect a double digit cover! Then, on Sunday, more PERFECT PLAY action and a GAME OF THE YEAR caliber release are in the works because of what I've uncovered on the rest of the pro card. You can purchase these selections online with your credit card on game day. Or, sign up for the rest of football through the Super Bowl...the pro's and the colleges...for a discounted rate. If you have any questions, call the office at 1-877-766-8946.

Don't forget we have the Hawaii Bowl Friday Night with Tulsa playing Hawaii. One last chance to makea big score before Santa comes to visit overnight!

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating this weekend. I'll be back to talk more football with you Sunday morning. Happy Holidays to all from the family of WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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