Wayne Root: The Shocking NFL



I've made a name in handicapping because of my knack for picking SHOCK THE SYSTEM upsets that take the world by surprise. Sometimes that's because I can see surprises coming. Other times, it's because I can anticipate how teams are going to react to surprises that are happening to them!

That's really jumped out at me this week as I've been studying the NFL card. There are legitimate MAJOR surprises influencing every game on the board. Seriously!

Kansas City at St. Louis
The home team is in a worst-to-first scenario, making a run at the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. The visitor is also a surprise playoff contender. Except, they're dealing with a quarterback who had to undergo a surprise appendectomy last week. When was the last time something crazy like THAT happened in the NFL? A star QB misses a game or more with an appendicitis attack?

Houston at Tennessee
Tennessee looked like they'd be one of the top AFC contenders earlier this season. Their collapse has been a big surprise. Who could have expected Vince Young would be virtually kicked off the team?

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
The Colts usually have the AFC South wrapped up by now. Instead, they're fighting for their playoff lives against a team that was on the verge of firing its coach last year. Big surprise! Peyton Manning not even reaching the postseason would truly be a SHOCK THE SYSTEM development.

Arizona at Carolina
Arizona is starting a rookie out of Fordham that nobody's ever heard of. NOBODY anticipated John Skelton starting games in the NFL this season...or having more starts than Matt Leinart in an Arizona uniform.

Cleveland at Cincinnati
Take your choice. Cincinnati is one of the worst teams in the league despite having a world famous receiving corps. Cleveland assured everyone Colt McCoy wouldn't take any snaps in an apprentice season. McCoy has become Cleveland's most effective quarterback.

Buffalo at Miami
The Bills as the best pointspread team in the NFL the last two months is a stunner (6-1-1 ATS). Miami's been surprised at how bad Chad Henne is as a starting quarterback!

Philadelphia at NY Giants
Kevin Kolb was supposed to be the star quarterback for Philadelphia this year. Michael Vick is getting support for league MVP.

Washington at Dallas
Washington just benched Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman!!! Nobody could have imagined that before the season started, or even a few weeks ago when McNabb signed a contract extension. Dallas was hoping to host a Super Bowl this year on the field. They won't even make the playoffs.

Detroit at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay as a playoff contender? They were supposed to be a poorly coached team that had little chance of being competitive this year.

New Orleans at Baltimore
Who would have expected New Orleans to fall almost completely off the media radar so quickly after their Super Bowl win? Baltimore was the consensus choice to win the AFC before the season started. It's a big surprise Joe Flacco still struggles so badly in close games.

Atlanta at Seattle
Did you have the Falcons coasting to the #1 seed in the NFC back before the season started? Did you have Seattle tied for first place in their division after 13 games?

NY Jets at Pittsburgh
Many are stunned that the Jets have played so badly in recent weeks. They were the Kings of September, yet now look incapable of winning in January. Would you have guessed Pittsburgh's offense would be this bad even after Ben Roethlisberger returned from his suspension?

Denver at Oakland
Denver fired its head coach three fourths of the way through the season. He was supposed to be the next big thing, and he doesn't even have a job any more. Oakland as a playoff contender?

Green Bay at New England
The glory days of the Pats were supposedly behind them. Nobody expected a return to 2007 form, particularly after they erased Randy Moss from their lineup. Green Bay's injuries have been an unpleasant surprise. Both the Packers and Colts are trying to make do with shorthanded rosters.

Chicago at Minnesota
The metrodome roof collapsed! After playing a "home" game last week in Detroit, the Vikings must now play in sub zero weather outdoors in a college stadium this week.

See what I mean? It's amazing how many franchises are dealing with SHOCK THE SYSTEM situations. Being a winning handicapper now means properly anticipating how those teams will deal with their surprises.

I've studied this week's card intently, and I'm convinced that one of my biggest releases of the entire season will get the money by at least two touchdowns on Sunday. We'll build our bankrolls for that MONSTER first with a college bowl tripleheader Saturday (plus bonus basketball). Then, on Sunday, we'll unleash a SHOCK THE SYSTEM STUNNER that the wagering world will never forget.

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What big surprise is going to happen next? Only WAYNE ALLYN ROOT knows for sure!



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