Coach Meyer: LeBron and Coach NOT on same page

With Ron Meyer


For some reason, the mainstream media believes whatever they hear from players and coaches during interviews. It should be common knowledge to EVERYONE by now that players and coaches say"what they're supposed to say" when the cameras and microphones are on. As handicappers, it's your job to read between the lines so you can make money with your knowledge of REALITY.

My experience as a head coach at both the college and pro levels in football allow me to do that in all sports. I know how to read players, particularly when they get frustrated. I know how to read head coaches, particularly when they start pressing because the team isn't listening any more. This provides me with a tremendous edge over Las Vegas oddsmakers who post numbers based on their Power Ratings and betting tendencies.

I've been paying a lot of attention to the Miami Heat this year because I knew they'd be a high profile betting team, and because I knew young Erik Spoelstra would have his hands full with the superstar egos of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. You remember all the hubbub and hype about how"the three musketeers" were going to win championships immediately...and would keep winning them as long as they wanted? It was the players acting as if they ran the show. The coach was an afterthought. They could win with any coach in their view.

I can assure you it's very difficult for a coach to earn the respect of his players when the stars don't think they need to listen to anybody. If the stars aren't listening, why should the role players? If LeBron is giggling in the corner with a celebrity, why should anyone else take the games seriously? If James and Wade are just going to take turns shooting, what's the point of hustling, setting picks, going for steals, or doing much of anything? Sit back and watch the show.

This came to a head last week when Miami was embarrassed at Dallas. There was a scene where LeBron bumped into his coach on the way to the bench right after a timeout was called. You'd have thought he mugged him the way the media described it. There was a players only meeting after the loss. Then, Monday afternoon, LeBron and Coach Spoelstra had a sit down chat. Afterward, both told the media everything was fine. Temporary rough spots are expected during a transition period. We all just want to win.

Then, Miami went out and grinded its way to a win over a bad Washington team. You'd have thought World War II had ended given the headlines."James and Spoelstra Back On Same Page."

Sorry, coaching eye tells me they're NOT on the same page. And, beating Washington at home is something most teams can do in their sleep anyway. Had they won by 20, or 30, that would have been making a statement. Grinding out a win against a bad defense does not put this story to rest.

  • There's still mismatched pieces on offense that create big problems vs. good defenses.
  • There's still a lack of rebounding, particularly in challenge games.
  • There's still a weakness at point guard that isn't going away with this roster.
  • There's still a fiery young head coach fighting to save his career who's going to butt heads with pampered superstars who don't like getting yelled at.
  • The young head coach won't accept anything less than running things from the sideline, trying to boss players around who are used to leading by example on the floor.

 It's an implosion waiting to happen again...because it's already happened a few times. Sure, winning can be a cure-all. How are you going to win if you can't guard opposing centers and point guards? Or if quality defenses know how to force the superstars to shoot jumpers instead of driving for dunks?

Don't believe what you read. And, don't believe what you hear players and coaches saying themselves when they're speaking diplomatically about problems. I've been there. I know the difference between what people are saying, and what's actually happening.

My role as a professional handicapper now lets me take advantage of this knowledge in a way we can all benefit from. That's not only true in football where I won Coach of the Year honors multiple times, but in ANY sport because the personality dynamics between coaches and players are the same. I can see trouble spots. Bet against the trouble spots and you make money. I can see chemistry. Bet on chemistry and you win.

It's that simple.

And, getting my top play every night is just as simple. Visit the website a few hours before the games go and you'll get the best bets on the board. Longterm packages are available as well. I'm grateful so many of you have signed up for the full football season already. Now it's time to do the same with basketball. Call 1-877-540-8787 if you have any questions.

Don't act like a pampered superstar who can do everything on his own. That's not going to work. It's time to put A COACH IN YOUR CORNER!


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