Which BCS Power Falls Next?

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


I was a history making handicapper BEFORE the dramatic developments of the past few Saturdays, already holding the all time documented record for career outright upset calls in the industry.


  • I told the world that South Carolina would knock off then #1 Alabama as a home underdog three weeks ago. And, I said it with a GAME OF THE YEAR release! South Carolina got the money and the win, knocking the Tide to the bottom of the BCS ladder.
  • I told the world that Wisconsin would knock off subsequent #1 Ohio State as a home underdog two weeks ago. And, I ALSO said it with a GAME OF THE YEAR release! Wisconsin jumped out quick, and held off the Buckeyes for another huge casher. Ohio State joined Alabama at the bottom of the BCS ladder, hoping to climb back to the top by December.
  • I told the world that Missouri would knock off the next #1 team, Oklahoma as a home underdog last week. And, ONCE AGAIN...I said it with a GAME OF THE YEAR release! Missouri played great ball as expected, and won going away. Now Oklahoma will have to pick itself off the ground and try to make another run at the top.

Note that I didn't just talk about "possibilities" or "leans." I didn't say something generic like "We sure could see some upsets in the colleges," then try to take credit after some happened.

I stood on a soap box...announced loud and clear...WITH GAME OF THE YEAR INTENSITY...that these underdogs wouldn't just cover the spread, they'd win OUTRIGHT. No other handicapper in HISTORY has done anything like it. The person to come closest was...ME! I've obviously had headline making upset calls in many prior seasons. The schedule and BCS rankings never allowed for three straight weeks in quite this way until 2010.

Since WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is THE KING OF UPSETS, you can bet I'm looking to step out again this Saturday. Which BCS powers are most primed for an upset? Let's take a look...

#1 Auburn is in a dangerous spot on the road against Ole Miss. With the Tigers coming off big TV games against Arkansas and LSU, this could easily be a flat spot. Will I try to make it four for four against the top of the heap? Or, have the oddsmakers finally adjusted so that the best value is elsewhere on the card?

#2 Oregon is #1 in the polls...so this would count for my streak if I decided to take USC plus the points as a home underdog this week. Southern Cal is definitely a talented dog. But, Oregon has had a few extra days to prepare off a Thursday Night game, and may not be as worn down as I prefer with my go-against favorites.

#3 Boise State has already played this week.

#4 TCU is a five touchdown favorite at UNLV. Wouldn't that be something?! In my home town?! Discretion will likely be the better part of valor here. Though, Utah is looming on the horizon for TCU very soon.

#5 Michigan State is actually an underdog this week at Iowa. How often do you get late season UNDEFEATED top five teams and some points?! Will I lay the points with the Hawkeyes? Will my big dog of the week actually come on instead of against a BCS power? This makes the card VERY interesting.

#6 Missouri is an even bigger underdog at Nebraska! Hello!! We have TWO undefeated BCS powers GETTING points this week? We could easily see a major game PARLAY based on all of my personal handicapping indicators that are waving red flags right now.

Let's stop right there. I've made my point. The field is RIPE with possible major upset calls (pointspread upsets or "poll" upsets)...some of which could feature UNDEFEATED teams who aren't getting enough respect in the line. I strongly encourage you to sign up with my personal service if you haven't already. If you prefer just popping in on game day to purchase the big ones...that's fine too. This week's MONSTER will be available early Saturday morning here at the website.

If you want to talk more about finding a package that best suits your personal needs, call us in the office at 1-877-766-8946. You can lock yourself into to ALL of my top college and pro selections at a great rate. Be sure to ask about the NBA and World Series when you call. You regular readers know the pyramid power of winning seven days a week.

I'm already the only handicapper with a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Vegas. After this year they may to give me my own street! I don't just talk the talk...it's time for YOU to walk the walk of fame alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!



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