Look Out for Second Tier Upsets

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


The last time we were together I talked about the true SHOCK THE SYSTEM potential this weekend has because of all the big games on the football schedule.

It's easy to forget on a week like this that many upsets are possible in what I call the "second tier" games as well. Big name favorites who AREN'T involved in a showdown game sometimes take their opponents too lightly.

Some examples:

  • With Alabama and Florida going head to head near the top of the national rankings, will #2 Ohio State get complacent as a road favorite at Illinois? This is a team that lost to lowly Purdue last year, you'll recall. Think about it. Have you heard even a bit of media coverage about Ohio State/Illinois? It's not in the top tier of games. Ohio State better not start thinking they can go half speed and coast through games like this. There will be others even if they make it unscathed past Illinois.
  • Out West we're very excited about the Stanford/Oregon game. The Pac 10 is moving in the right direction again, and these look to be the two best teams in the league right now. HUGE game. What about USC vs. Washington? Nobody's taking Washington seriously after the loss to Nebraska. Southern Cal can't even win the conference this year because of rules violations. Will USC get nailed in a second tier upset (by a coach who used to be an Trojans assistant)? That happened last year when they played up North. Jake Locker may have that huge passing game everyone's been expecting this week vs. a softer than expected USC defense. And, what about UCLA in a huge letdown spot against lowly Washington State? Wouldn't that be something?
  • Texas and Oklahoma have been getting all the publicity down in Big 12 country because of their annual battle in Dallas. Texas Tech is laying a touchdown at Iowa State. Not a top tier game...but one with upset potential as a visitor lacking confidence goes to a tough site to face a no-name team with nothing to lose.

I'm not going to list all the possible second tier situations...but you get my point. Many "respected" teams are laying some lumber in spots where they could easily get caught napping because the juices aren't flowing for a big TV game. There are examples all over the card. In fact, what makes college football such a great spectator sport...and a great one to bet, is that exciting surprises can happen anywhere at any time.

Oh, can't leave out the NFL!

  • The NY Jets just won huge divisional battles with New England and Miami. Now that they're off national TV for the first time all season, will they play a flat game in Buffalo?
  • Indianapolis looks to have righted the ship after an early upset. The worst time to take their foot off the gas would be in a divisional road game at Jacksonville. But, you know what...everyone's talking about Donovan McNabb and Washington going to Philadelphia. Nobody's interviewing Peyton Manning about anything. The Colts are in second tier game and must stay focused.

I strongly suggest you look for spots like this every week. It's very simple to do. First, make a list of ALL the big TV games that are getting hyped in the colleges and the pro's. Then, make a list of all the high profile teams who AREN'T playing in any of those games. It will be different teams every week as the schedule cycles around. I can tell you now with complete confidence that some of the biggest upsets we'll see between now and New Year's will come in these second tier games.


I'm the only handicapper with a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Las Vegas because of my knack for spotting upsets before they happen. That's how I made my name. That's how I'm building on my legend each and every week!

You can find out about this week's upsets and blowouts before they happen by signing up online. Great full season rates are available. Game day releases can be purchased a few hours before kickoff as well. Check with the website both Saturday and Sunday for access to some of my biggest releases so far this season.

I asked you the other day if you could feel the earth starting to shake. The rumble is getting louder. It's going to be a SHOCK THE SYSTEM weekend, so get ready to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!



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