NFL Dogs Stay Hot

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


It's happening kind of quietly, because we're not seeing many "monumental" upsets where teams that were supposed to be horrible are knocking off Super Bowl threats. But, we're still seeing some SHOCK THE SYSTEM results in terms of underdogs winning their games. Oddsmakers can't get the favorites right!

This past Sunday, fully SEVEN underdogs won their games outright:

Tennessee (+3) beat the NY Giants 29-10
Atlanta (+3.5) beat New Orleans 27-24
Kansas City (+3) beat San Francisco 31-10
Dallas (+3) beat Houston 27-13
St. Louis (+4) beat Washington 30-16 My Perfect Play Winner!
Seattle (+4) beat San Diego 27-20 An Upset Club Win!
NY Jets (+2) beat Miami 31-23

Then on Monday, the Bears (+3) shocked the Packers 20-17! Another Millionaire's Club winner!

The pointspreads were all in the 2-4 range...but look at some of those victory margins. Four of the seven underdog victors won their games by double digits, thereby beating the spread by at least two touchdowns. The Seahawks and Jets also covered by double digits even if they didn't win straight up by that much.

Oddsmakers are really struggling right now with a variety of teams, and are doing a very poor job in my view of dealing with the intangibles. They don't know who's going to be flat, or motivated, or fresh, or tired. They're just hoping their Power Ratings are in the neighborhood while they hold on for dear life!

The other Sunday underdog winners were:
Buffalo (+14) covered in a 38-30 loss at New England
Cleveland (+11) covered in a 24-17 loss at Baltimore
Oakland (+5) covered in a 24-23 loss at Arizona

And, Oakland really should have won that game. They owned the stats but allowed a kickoff return for a TD.

Smart bettors focus on underdogs because that's where the value has historically been in the NFL. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT likes to make BIG CALLS with underdogs to win outright because I'm better at that than anyone else in the country! So, you can tell that I'm very excited about the coming weeks in the NFL. I have a big edge over the oddsmakers who are really behind the eight ball right now.

Some keys to my edges:

  • Oddsmakers have been very slow to penalize big name teams from the past who have lost a few steps on defense. I'm not going to name them all. You can probably figure them out for yourself. If you can't, you shouldn't be placing Las Vegas bets! The public is slow to give up on big name teams, which makes it tougher for the line to move to where it really should be.
  • Oddsmakers have been slow to recognize improvement from some of the recent doormats. There was no way ALL of the bad teams from the last few seasons were going to stay as bad as they were. Many are showing improvement. The lines just aren't adjusting fast enough. It might be Week Eight or Week Nine before they finally catch up.
  • Oddsmakers haven't fully accounted for how well teams run the clock now. It's just harder to win by big margins than it used to be...even if you've got the superior side. You need some cheap points off of turnovers or special teams too. Top teams can count on getting those every week, so you'll see some "on-sided" games that finish up in the 8-10 range margin wise instead of 13-17 points. This has been a big boost to dog players who know which teams are shortening their games.

If you haven't sign up yet for my service, we're just three weeks into the NFL season so there's plenty of big money SHOCK THE SYSTEM games ahead. Plus, we have two full months of college football action too before we even get to the conference championship games and the bowls. You can sign up for my UPSET CLUB (coming off a 3-1 weekend), or PERFECT PLAY club online (which went 2-0 for the second consecutive weekend!).  Sign up today, and Thursday's Texas A&M/Oklahoma State game will be your first winner. Oh, be sure to check on baseball too! I'll have Pennant Race baseball available for you today a few hours before the first pitch.

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I hope you're not one of the public bettors who's taken a bath by forcing too many favorites. Turn your season around NOW. It's time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


With Two-Time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER


I told you before the San Francisco/New Orleans Monday Night game that the Mike Singletary era with the 49ers might have been hanging in the balance.

You'll recall that the team had played horribly, particularly on offense, in the season opener at Seattle. There was a media report just afterward that Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye was using the wrong nomenclature to call down plays from the booth. Singletary went ballistic about having a "rat" on the team talking to the press...rather than getting the problem fixed.

San Francisco did play better in that Monday Night loss to the Saints, but collapsed again on the road this past Sunday at Kansas City.

After the debacle, Singletary assured everyone that Raye would be the Offensive Coordinator for the rest of the season. The next morning, Raye was fired.

And, folks, THAT is how you find out that a head coach has lost his pull within an organization!

Once the players know that the front office doesn't believe in the coach any more, things can crumble very quickly. It's tough to go to war every week during a lost season under a lame duck coach. The modern player just won't do that. They'll do what it takes to earn their paycheck. Championships are won by teams who go beyond earning their paychecks.

Of course, a lot of the blame here should go to whoever hired Jimmy Raye in the first place. You've heard the phrase "journeyman" used in sports to describe players who are just good enough to hang around, but not good enough to be truly successful. I'm sure Raye is a great football man. And, I have respect for anyone who's devoted his life to this wonderful game. But, Raye was a journeyman coach. He's had trouble keeping a job wherever he's been. Letting Raye run an offense, under a head coach who knows nothing about offense, was a disaster waiting to happen.

The 31-6 loss at Seattle was a true disaster, with San Francisco rushing for just 49 yards (even though the Niners have a superstar running back in Frank Gore), turning the ball over twice, and posting a ridiculous 1 for 15 conversion rate on third downs.

The 31-10 loss at Kansas City was about as bad. Only 43 yards rushing Just 23% on third downs with a 4 of 17 conversion rate. And most importantly, a lack of production WHEN IT WAS NEEDED MOST! San Francisco had started the season 0-2. THEY HAD TO WIN THIS GAME. Yet Raye's offense was nowhere to be found.

Mike Singletary knows what it's like to be in the trenches. He defended his assistant the way a teammate would. Being a head coach is different. Leadership is getting rid of weak links, not trying to bluff opponents (the media in this case) into believing they're not a weak link.

There's still time to right this ship. And, maybe getting rid of Raye will be addition by subtraction. That happens all the time in the NFL. What's important to me is:

  • The 49ers no longer believe in themselves
  • The 49ers just saw their head coach lose his power
  • The 49ers aren't good enough to begin with to deal with extra challenges

I'll be watching this week's game at Atlanta very closely. You could literally see the season EXPLODE this Sunday because Atlanta is A LOT better than Seattle and Kansas City. 31-10 type losses become 41-7 type losses when you step up in class. On the other hand, this could also be a "rising from the ashes" week. San Francisco HAS to win, and Atlanta is in a clear letdown spot after upsetting divisional rival New Orleans last week on the road. The Singletary era is on the cusp of its destiny, one way or the other.

Isn't it fun handicapping from a coach's perspective? I think you've seen oddsmakers have more trouble this year because they're not able to do that. They had San Francisco way overrated to start the season. Several teams are out of synch with the line because the market either has too much respect for certain coaches, or too little respect. My clients and I cashed another big GAME OF THE MONTH winner this past Sunday with Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay partly because of my read on how the coaches would handle that game.

I've got great rates for the rest of the season. Sign up right now online, and your service will begin Thursday Night with the Texas A&M/Oklahoma State game. I've mapped out the early college and pro lines. It looks like this will be my biggest week yet in terms of big play volume.

If you have any questions about my personal service, call the office at 1-877-540-8787. Don't forget we have baseball going on this week...and the playoffs start early next week. I showed you through MARCH MADNESS in the baskets and all summer long in the bases that handicapping fundamentals apply to ALL sports!

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