Wayne Root: NFL Playoff Teams In Trouble

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


Casual football fans are often surprised when they realize how few teams repeat playoff appearances year-after-year. It seems like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are always there. Brett Favre seems like he's a staple. But, when you sit down and list the playoff teams from year-to-year, you realize there's a lot of turnover.

And, that turnover is what opens the door for SHOCK THE SYSTEM selections for handicappers who are able to take advantage early of changes in fortune. Early season NFL lines in Las Vegas are heavily influenced by what everyone remembers from last year. Oddsmakers don't want to make drastic changes. The public takes forever to accept that last year's powers are no longer this year's powers. If you think quickly, and act even quicker, there's money to be made during the transitional periods.

Here are last year's NFC Playoff Teams:
New Orleans
Green Bay

Man, there are problems all over the place with that group! Arizona and Philadelphia don't even have the same quarterbacks they had last year. Minnesota's quarterback is due to start showing his age. Dallas has injuries to the offensive line that are causing early season problems. Green Bay just lost its starting running back for the season. Only New Orleans isn't dealing with drama...but they didn't look all that impressive in their season opener.

Any, and even MOST of these teams could play well below last year's standards over the next few weeks. The public will keep seeing them as playoff  teams even though they're not at a playoff caliber. If you asked the coach or quarterback of any of these six teams whether or not they played at a playoff caliber last week, I'm confident they'd all say no.

Let's move to the AFC
NY Jets
San Diego
New England

Not quite as shaky as in the NFC, but there are still issues.

New England played great last week, and looks like they're in regular season form. Baltimore wasn't sharp, but they did earn a road victory against a great defense. Nobody would suggest the Ravens are in any sort of trouble. With the others:

  • Indianapolis has injury issues again, and Peyton Manning is showing early signs of panic.
  • The NY Jets were helpless offensively in the loss to Baltimore, and the rest of the league would love to shut up Rex Ryan.
  • Cincinnati didn't play well at New England until they had fallen way behind. They could be in for a long season.
  • San Diego was upset at Kansas City, and has various soap operas in play at the moment.

I've lost count of how many 2009 playoff teams are on the precipice of falling off the map in 2010. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! Handicappers who beat the market to the punch are going to earn big profits these next few weeks.

I certainly plan to do that Saturday in the colleges, then Sunday and Monday in the pro's. If you're reading this early Saturday, you still have time to get my top college pick of the day. Act before kickoff of the day games! If you're reading this late Saturday or early Sunday, make your move to get locked in for the NFL slate. It's a big weekend in terms of MAJOR releases. You can read about the winners in a few days. OR YOU CAN GET THEM RIGHT NOW AND CASH IN RIGHT ALONG WITH US!

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It's very difficult to maintain playoff caliber performance year after year in the National Football League. In the world of handicapping, only WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has been able to maintain DOCUMENTED CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL PERFORMANCE for DECADES!



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