LeBron Focusing On The Wrong Things

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


It always amazes me that the mainstream media can see TEAM BASKETBALL with its own eyes throughout the playoffs, but then goes right back to thinking winning championships is all about acquiring a collection of individual stars.

You can't turn around right now without reading something about the LeBron James Sweepstakes. ESPN's website even crashed for awhile yesterday, rumored to be linked to everyone wanting updates on what James was doing in his search for a new home.

I'm going to tell you this now. I think there's a good chance that the biggest shocker of next year in the NBA is that LeBron James STILL isn't ready to win a championship! And that's even if he manages to align himself with other big name talent like Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh (Bosh in particular is a guy who hasn't shown me he knows how to defend and rebound like a champion in games that matter).

ESPN may tell you that Chicago, or Miami, or whoever wins the sweepstakes is the frontrunner for next season. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Cleveland was the frontrunner this year, and they couldn't get past the second round. They were a frontrunner the prior season heading into the Eastern Finals, and got knocked out by Orlando. Defense and rebounding wins championships.

  • Michael Jordan's Bulls won championships because he drove his teammates (and himself) to shine in these areas, and then he ALSO knew how to score when needed.
  • Kobe Bryant took awhile to learn these same lessons (he finally listened to Phil Jackson!), and he did the same thing this past season. Kobe's shots weren't falling in Game Seven, but he turned into a rebounding machine.
  • LeBron James has yet to put the pieces together in this way, and has yet to instill the essentials of the fundamentals in his teammates.

He doesn't need teammates who are great athletic specimens. He doesn't need teammates who are just going to take shots he would have been taking anyway. LeBron needs to play on a balanced team that emphasizes the complete game.

Because ESPN and other media is treating this like the building of an Olympic team, WHEREVER LeBron ends up is going to be overpriced next year. It will take awhile early in the season for the players to get the hang of playing together. When that team makes the playoffs (and, they WILL make the playoffs barring injuries), they'll eventually run into an Eastern or Western power that knows how to win playoff games (assuming that he won't be playing for Boston, Orlando, the Lakers, or the Spurs).

I've always told you that the "seeds" for SHOCK THE SYSTEM developments are sewn way in advance. We may well be looking at the seeds right now for some big money winnings next year with your Las Vegas bets.

Yes, I'm ALWAYS thinking that far ahead. That's why little has caught me by surprise this year in Major League Baseball...that's why I'm already poised to hit the ground running in college and pro football...and that's why my NO LIMIT PROFITS will continue year-round in college and pro basketball too.

I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I know how to find edges and exploit them. I've picked more documented outright upsets than any other handicapper in the industry. I'm constantly "setting the record straight" when the mainstream media focuses on the wrong things. It's just that I'm doing it with my own money at the sportsbooks because Vegas lines are so strongly influenced by media MIS-information.

They call LeBron "King James." Please. Let him win something first! I EARNED MY NICKNAME!

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Maybe in four or five years we can all legitimately call LeBron "King James." Right now, the KING you should be calling is WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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