Looking for MLB Super-Surgers

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Betting the New York Yankees isn't likely to offer much value between now and the end of the season. Everyone knows they're great. They're expensive to back most nights. The Bronx Bombers would have to play at a very high level to earn you any money. If they picked a week here or there to coast, you'd be in big trouble.

Where do you find teams that may play as well as the Yankees over the last three months, but at more affordable prices? History makes it clear that the best "super-surgers" typically come from the second rung of excellence. Everyone knows teams playing .550 ball or better are good (particularly those playing .600 ball or better). If somebody's going to "launch" their way to greatness at value prices, it's going to be somebody that bettors lost track of.

Today I put together a list for you of all the teams playing between, .500 and .549 ball through Monday Night's games. These teams are good enough to be over .500 right now, but aren't playing so well that they've caught the public's fancy. I believe a few teams from today's list will catch fire in the second half, and make legal sports bettors like you and me BIG MONEY as underdogs and short favorites the rest of the way. It's our job to find them them and profit when they make their moves.

NL TEAMS .500 TO .549 (thru Monday)

PHILADELPHIA (40-34): They've shown in the past they can close very strong. But they're dealing with injuries now. And, this team is often high priced because of their past NL titles. They'll have to get REALLY hot for me to back them often.

LA DODGERS (41-35): Last year's divisional champs were hurt by a killer Interleague schedule. I wouldn't be surprised to see a strong second half of the season. Price will be a concern in home games, but not so much on the road.

SAN FRANCISCO (40-35): I'm a little concerned about the youth on this team, and the inconsistent offense. Also, the starting pitchers have carried a heavy load so far, and that's tough to do for a full season. I won't rule out a super-surge from the Giants, but I'm skeptical that it's likely this year.

COLORADO (40-36): Here's another team that's capable of finishing very strong. Altitude can be an even bigger edge when opponents start feeling full season fatigue. They are high priced at home though, and not a very good road team. I'll have to see sustained excellence before getting involved, rather than trying to anticipate it.

AL TEAMS .500 TO .549 (thru Monday)

MINNESOTA (41-35): Poor pitching on the road has been a surprise to me. You can't ask the Twins to get hot until they fix that problem. They do seem to enjoy their new surroundings. I'll consider them at value prices at home.

DETROIT (41-34): This team has had some ups and downs this year. If you can get in synch with those, you can make money through each cycle. I do expect another up cycle soon...but maybe not a three-month super-surge.

TORONTO (40-37): The poor Blue Jays play in a killer division, and have shown a history of fading rather than closing strong because they don't have horses to compete with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays. I'll be looking to fade the Blue Jays rather than back them most likely.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX (39-36): The Sox just had a super-surge through Interleague play that I was able to take advantage of. It's very hard to play THAT far over your heads for a long time. I expect a cooling off period soon, then the chance for another surge later in the season. These guys did it once. They can do it again.

Note that the LA Angels may have fallen into range by the time you read this if they lost late Tuesday Night to Texas. That's a team that has a history of strong finishes under this manager and front office. They'd be on my short list of possible super-surgers after the All-Star Break.

I'm the KING OF UPSETS and the KING OF LAS VEGAS because I'm always thinking a few steps ahead of the oddsmakers. You should get in the habit of trying to do that yourself. You may not earn a start on the "Walk of Fame" like I did...but you'll at least be walking down the same path!

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