Keys To Finding College Football Shockers

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


I've started to see sports bettors walking around with many of the popular preseason annuals that come out in the summer. I'm guessing you've purchased one or two of them yourself. If you're into legal sports gambling, you can't wait for football to get here!

I'M THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I specialize in finding surprise teams that are going to SHOCK THE SYSTEM. I'll talk more about individual teams who may be in position to do that as we get closer to the season. Today, I want to give you some general guidelines you can use as you start your summer research for the coming college season.


  • Look for young quarterbacks who are likely to take a big step forward. This most often happens when a freshman becomes a sophomore. That's the "biggest" step forward a starter will take. But, you'll often get career years from seniors who have been established starters for multiple seasons. These are the first teams you circle when looking for surprises.
  • Look for teams who are returning all of their offensive line, or most of their offensive line. This is the single most important overlooked area in terms of college football handicapping in my view. Give me a live dog with an experienced offensive line, and I'm going to be in the game until the very end. I'm likely to WIN the game because my QB will have time to make decisions, and there won't be any major miscues in a late game drive. Don't just look at returning starters and leave it at that. Focus on the offensive line!
  • Look for September schedules that can build confidence. As a fan, I hate that there are so few high quality matchups in the first month of the season. As a handicapper, I'm looking to find teams that "blossom" after gaining confidence during their September tune-ups. Many of my best October dogs come off solid Septembers. I put these teams on the radar in the SUMMER by looking through all the schedules. That "where did this come from" element of many surprise teams is often simply just a high level of confidence that wasn't there before. Look for teams in position to build confidence.
  • Look for SECOND-YEAR head coaches who have a proven track record in other places. It's often very difficult to turn a program around in the first year. Too many of the old players are still there. Nobody can learn the new system fast enough. It's year TWO where many SHOCK THE SYSTEM statements are made by quality coaches at programs people have stopped paying attention to.

That's enough to get you started tonight. Grab your favorite pre-season annual. Grab a pen or a highlighter, and focus on:

1...Second Year Quarterbacks
2...Senior Quarterbacks
3...Offensive Line Experience
4...Early Schedules that can Build Confidence
5...Second Year Coaches

I'm not exaggerating... I just made you BIG MONEY right there with those tips! What you learn from your research in these areas alone will help you pick winners in Week One...later  in the season when conference play the final month of action when everyone's fighting for championships...and then again in the bowls. What you learn TONIGHT will still be making you money in January!


And, get to work on BUILDING YOUR BANKROLLS by signing up for my MONEYLINE BASEBALL CLUB and my NO-LIMIT PLAYS by calling 1-877-ROOT-WINS. You can also save some money with an early sign up for football too. Ask for details!

Game day SHOCK THE SYSTEM releases can also be purchased here at the website with your credit card.

Go find those surprise teams...those ideal upset spots...those games that people will be talking about for years to come. And, get ready to go to W.A.R. all through football alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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