Money Management During Hot Streaks

From the "King of Las Vegas"WAYNE ROOT!


I want to thank all of you who have been joining me several times a week for my red hot NO LIMIT selections. Wednesday Night's win on the Cubs brought the mark to 15-2 the last 17 plays.

For conservative bettors using normal units with their Las Vegas bets, that would be a profit of roughly 12 units depending on your juice. No shame in that. Conservative people lead safe, happy lives where streaks like this are gravy.

But, conservative, safe people don't have what it takes though to become THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

For that you need swagger. Confidence. The courage to make big bets when the odds are in your favor. True "advantage"players in Las Vegas, whether they're at the poker table, the blackjack table, or standing in line at a sportsbook, know they must MAXIMIZE their edges by betting properly.

What? You're not the type to risk everything just to score a big win? You may not be a conservative nit on one extreme, but you're not a carefree riverboat gambler either. What should YOU do during a winning streak?


You don't have to bet the farm when things are going well. Just press up your units in comfortable increments.

Have you ever watched a good blackjack player changing his bet sizes? You don't see a smart player ever go "all in"the way a poker player would with the nuts. He doubles his bet sizes with a very favorable count. Triples it if he's winning and the count is getting better. Maybe in extreme situations he'll have a spread as high as seven or eight times normal (though this is frowned upon by blackjack pro's because the house will recognize you as a card counter!).

Can you handle doubling or tripling your normal bet size IF YOU'RE ALREADY UP A LOT OF MONEY AND YOU'RE JUST RISKING YOUR WINNINGS? Of course you can. You're playing with house money anyway. You're not betting the farm. You're re-investing money you didn't have last week. You're firing Vegas money back at Vegas in the hopes of taking even more.

A 15-2 run at one-unit per play would have you up about a dozen units. If, after five wins you pushed that up to two units per play...that creates a significant increase. If, after ten wins you pushed that up to three units per're going to start feeling like THE KING OF LAS VEGAS no matter what your initial bankroll was. Depending on where the losses fall in the streak, you're talking about wins of more than 30 units, and losses of five or six at the most.

You didn't bet the farm. You didn't play recklessly. You actually lifted your bet sizes in rather conservative fashion because things were going well. And, you hit a home run. Actually, with this streak still active and just as hot as ever...your home run may keep flying through the air for several more days!

When things are going well, press up. When things are going badly, cut down on your bet sizes. This strategy by itself will help make you a winner over the long haul. Most importantly...when extremes in handicapping success or bad luck come into play, you'll be rewarding yourself greatly for the success, and not suffering too badly from the bad luck.

You won't get a star on the "Walk of Fame"like I did. You have no chance to knock me off the throne when it comes to Vegas royalty. But, you CAN be a BIG WINNER when it comes to legal sports betting.

My next NO-LIMIT release will be going very soon. Call 1-877-ROOT-WINS for details. Or, keep looking for announcements here at the website. Your best strategy is really to call the office and sign up for a longer term package. That will give you access to all the information when you need it!

We've got a great weekend of Interleague action coming up. I'm as hot RIGHT NOW as I've ever been in Major League Baseball. It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


With Two-Time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER


Those of you who are my age and a bit younger remember that Pac 8. That was everyone in the recent Pac 10 minus Arizona and Arizona State. USC and UCLA were the southern most schools. Then you had the two No-Cal schools, the two Oregon schools, and the two Washington schools. It seemed odd at first sticking two teams from a desert state into a "Pacific"conference. Eventually nobody thought about it any more.

Now we have Colorado and Utah from mountain country joining the fun...which means the Pac 10 runs from the ocean to the Rocky Mountains. I talked about Colorado a bit last week. Let's take a look at what Utah can look forward to as the newest Pac 10 team.

For the most part, life just got tougher for the Utes (or it will next year when the new alignments and schedules take effect. This is certainly a very good football program that has truly risen to the occasion in big games. Part of the reason they could do that is that they have very soft stretches of schedule each year that allow them to focus on the games that matter most. Some teams in the Mountain West are truly bad by major college standards. Utah State is a traditional rival, and they're awful. The Utes could focus on BYU, TCU, and a couple of non-conference testers each season to build a strong record. Then, they'd have a few weeks to get fired up for a bowl appearance.

Ask Alabama about how well Utah plays when they're fired up for a bowl appearance!

Utah's conference schedule will be tougher than they're used to. And, there will be stretches of consecutive games that will test them like they're not used to being tested.

Also, travel is going to increase, which can create more wear during the course of a season. Trips to Air Force, Colorado State, UNLV and the like will be replaced by trips to the Arizona schools, and a few teams on the West Coast depending on how the schedule rotation works itself out. It won't be brutal, because Utah does have a history of travelling for big games. The schedule will be tougher than it used to be.

Can Utah compete for the Pac 10 crown right away? Many computer ratings and power ratings suggest that's likely. I'm a bit more pessimistic because it's easier to create a good power rating by playing a lot of soft touches then getting sky high for your big games. Utah's going to have fewer soft touches and more big games. They can beat anybody in the Pac 10 (particularly now that USC is having issues). Being able to win week after week is a much different challenge.

Now, Utah is obviously a lot better than Colorado right now. The Buffaloes football program has hit the skids under the current coaching regime. I expect I'll be on Utah a lot more often than I'll be on Colorado once the new alignment takes affect. That will be true this year when they're still playing in their old conferences!

In both football and basketball, I'll be looking to back Utah AT HOME at value prices against visitors who aren't used to playing in that environment (same for Colorado, but probably to a lesser degree until they get better athletes). I'll consider them as road dogs in "big game"situations. I'll have to guard against the tendency to ride Utah later in the season though. I do expect the players and coaches will have some adjustment issues in the first year or two as they step up in class conference-wise.

Isn't it great to talk football in June?!

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