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With Two-Time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER


Even though we're deep in the heart of the Major League Baseball season, the sports world is buzzing about recent changes to the college football landscape. As a former head coach at SMU (a team intimately involved with the first upheaval in the landscape a couple of decades ago), and a professional sports handicapper, I'm paying VERY close attention to this week's developments.

It's still early in the process. Some more shoes are going to drop. Something may even drop after publication deadlines before you read this! I can tell you that the new faces in new places will create some great handicapping opportunities once the dust has settled.

  • COLORADO is likely to have some very clear home/road dichotomies once they're playing a Pac 10 schedule. The Buffaloes typically aren't very athletic (particularly under their current football coach who loves recruiting finesse kids). Road trips are going to wear them down. But, AT HOME, they're going to thrive. Visitors will not only be dealing with a long trip, but also ALTITUDE! This is going to help them in both football and basketball, the two wagering sports we're most concerned with (it will help them in EVERYTHING at home, but Vegas doesn't take bets on everything!).
  • NEBRASKA is a good fit in the Big Ten. I know Missouri was begging to get in because they need the money. Maybe they'll still make it eventually. If the Big 10 stops at 12 teams, Nebraska is the place to stop. The original Big Ten added Penn State to the East many years ago, and now Nebraska to the West. A perfect way to increase the football appeal of a conference that already has a great history. Nebraska recruits Midwestern kids, and will match up physically very well with the rest of the Big Ten. They'll have trouble in basketball to a significant degree...because states like Indiana and Iowa live for basketball in a way that just isn't done in Nebraska. On the gridiron, the Huskers will be an immediate threat in what we assume will be a "Western" division.
  • BOISE STATE needed to get out of the WAC if they wanted to have any chance to play for the BCS championship. Their strength of schedule was just horrible in that lame conference. Now, they'll be dealing with Utah, BYU, TCU, and a better class of opponent. Should Boise State run the table in the Mountain West, they can then talk about playing somebody like Florida, Alabama, or Texas for the national championship. And, the strength of schedule for Utah and friends just got tougher too. I think this is a great move for Boise State. They were already travelling a lot anyway because the WAC has teams in Northern California and Hawaii.

The Nebraska and Boise State moves are win-win for their conferences, and for all of college football I believe. Colorado doesn't have a "win" scenario because of where they sit geographically as a major sports college. Mostly a sideways a direction that may have other teams from their prior conference following anyway!

We'll see how everything else plays out. This year, I'll be looking for "statement making" opportunities for teams on the move. Once they move, I'll be looking for home/road variance with Colorado, physicality issues for Boise State as they step up in schedule strength, and physicality issues for Nebraska opponents because a very hard-hitting team is about to invade the Big Ten! I'll be going against Nebraska's basketball team.

This's all about baseball and pro basketball. I've got very strong opinions in Game Five (Sunday) and Game Six (Tuesday) of the NBA Finals matching the Lakers and Celtics. I love Interleague baseball too because the games have such a football feel to them. Look for some rivalry releases from me this weekend.

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Boise State is confident they'll succeed in the Mountain West with Chris Petersen on the sideline. Nebraska loves Bo Pellini. Isn't it time YOU put A COACH IN YOUR CORNER?!


From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


The last time we were together I talked about the importance of going back to the well time and time again as long as there was cash to pick up with your bucket!

Soon after that article appeared, I won once again with the NY Mets on their home field (three times in my 11-0 run on NO-LIMIT plays), as they shut out the San Diego Padres 3-0. This was an absolute gift. My pitcher threw a one-hitter, as San Diego was anxious to catch a plane after a day-night doubleheader so they could get back to California to open an Interleague series the next night.

I had a strong home team (now 24-10 this year) a cheap price...facing an opponent that had a plane to catch!

There are several teams like the Mets this year who are showing fairly strong home/road differentials. The Mets represent an extreme. Entering their series at Baltimore this weekend, they were just 8-18 on the road to go along with that 24-10 home record. Yes, they're a playoff caliber team at home, and the Pittsburgh Pirates on the road!

Here are other teams with winning records at home, but losing records on the road heading into this weekend who are showing noticeable differentials:

  • Atlanta: 19-6 at home, 16-20 on the road
    What a great home record! That's 76% in Atlanta so far this year, but less than 50/50 away from home. Don't force road plays on the Braves just because they lead a division.
  • Washington: 18-12 at home, 12-19 on the road
    The Nationals have pretty much been as bad as ever on the road. It's at home where they're finally doing some damage.
  • St. Louis 19-10 at home, 14-17 on the road
    Similar story to the Braves...a money-maker at home that's been breaking bettors hearts on the road.
  • LA Dodgers 23-10 at home, 13-14 on the road
    Just a half game behind the Mets in home record heading into the weekend. There's no shame in a road record near .500. It's that home record I want you paying attention to though.
  • San Francisco 19-11 at home, 13-16 on the road
    The Giants can't be taken seriously as a contender in the NL West until they pick up the pace a bit on the road. That pitching staff really loves the home park.
  • Detroit 17-10 at home, 13-19 on the road
    Our first American League team, as the splits have been more dramatic in the National League this year. Detroit is really showing a big difference thus far. They're almost as bad as lowly Cleveland on the road...but still play like contenders in Mo-town.
  • Texas 23-11 at home, 10-16 on the road
    It's funny how many teams are making runs at the top of the standings this year with big home records. Maybe Nolan Ryan finally taught the Rangers how to play in the heat! They could use Ryan's heat on the mound when they play on the road.
  • Oakland 21-13 at home, 11-17 on the road
    The A's and Rangers have been similar teams all season (not surprising since the Rangers manager used to be with the A's). That holds up in this stat as well.

You know...winning just isn't that hard when teams follow their tendencies and the oddsmakers don't adjust! That's a big part of my recent TEAR with NO-LIMIT selections. I see no signs of it slowing down any time soon. This is one of the easiest times to beat MLB that I've seen in years.

And, I have an eye for that sort of thing. I have a star on the "Walk of Fame" here in Las Vegas because of my notoriety in the handicapping field. I'm known as THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I've won more money for my clients than all other TV handicappers combined. If WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is telling you the money is there for the taking, you'd better pay attention!

Call 1-877-ROOT-WINS now to get on board for this big weekend. More NO-LIMIT games are set to go...and I've got something special for you in Sunday's Game Five from the NBA Finals as well. Be sure to ask about all the available packages when you call. Game day releases and club services can also be purchased here at the website with your credit card.

Who has the biggest home field advantage? It's not a baseball team. It's THE KING of the sports wagering capital of the world...WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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